Recommended Restaurants in Bangkok Thailand Part2

This is the second part of Restaurant Recommendations in Bangkok. (For Part 1 click here) I spent so much time searching correct addresses for the restaurants I introduce here online, I decided to break down the post into two parts. It feels like different sites list different addresses and when I look up an address on google map, incorrect locations show up. I was confused and wasted so much time just researching and trying to locate the correct information.

My advice for those of you who will be traveling to Bangkok for the first time is that you check several sources to make sure that you get the correct address. (Trip Adviser doesn’t always list accurate addresses for Bangkok restaurants.) Write it down and if possible, print out the map you find to show it to a taxi driver. Ask a hotel concierge or receptionist about the restaurant. If where you want to go is famous, they would probably know.


Ging Kalpapruek in Siam Paragon is the first restaurant we went in Bangkok. We decided to go to Siam Paragon Bangkok, which is an upscale shopping mall and one of the biggest shopping centers in Asia, because we didn’t have the time to research where to go, and I thought that going to Siam Paragon would be the easiest as many restaurants would be in one floor and we would have many choices. We also got to check out this beautiful shopping mall. There was an ample choice of restaurants at Siam Paragon in Bangkok and you will enjoy browsing. There were a ton of people even on Tuesday night, the area was very lively and the food court and restaurant section had so many food stalls and it was like a food amusement park. Ging Kalpapruek is a Thai restaurant which offers variety of Thai food and we all enjoyed our meal.

Siam Paragon
991 Siam Paragon Shopping Center
Rama 1 Rd.,Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Siam Paragon is located right in front of Siam Sky Train Station.


Rub-ar-roon Cafe is located right outside of the Wat Po’s (Reclining Buddha) exit. It is also very close to the pier to take a water taxi. When I first saw it from outside, it didn’t appeal to me, but I am very glad we had lunch there. By the time we finished Wat Po after having visited Grand Palace first, the time was already passed 1:30 and we hadn’t eaten lunch yet and were all tired from walking around viewing Grand Palace and Wat Po. Rub-ar-roon is standing in a perfect location for visitors who had gone to both Grand Palace and Wat Po. We saw many tourists eating there.

My husband and I had Thai food plates and our girls shared a plate of sandwiches and french fries. It’s nice that Rub-ar-roon offers both Thai and western food options. The food came quickly and the pad see ew I had was delicious. I also enjoyed my Thai Lemon Tea. It was very refreshing after having walked in Grand Palace and Wat Po in a warm weather.

If you plan a trip to Grand Palace in the morning and Wat Po, Rub-ar-roon Cafe is a good stop for you to relax and enjoy the relaxing afternoon.

After lunch we actually got Thai massage near Rub-ar-roon Cafe. That was divine. I will post about it on another day.

310-312 Maharaj Road
Phra Nakorn, Bangkok 10200
Tel: (66)0-2622-2312


When I visited my friend’s home in Nichada Thani, she took us to Que Pasa Mexican Restaurant. You probably wouldn’t go out to Nichada just to eat since it takes about 30 minutes on high way from Bangkok without traffic. This restaurant is very close to the International School Bangkok, so if you travel to Bangkok to check out the city prior to your move and want to visit the school before enrolling your child(ren), this is a great place to check out as well!!

28/7 Soi Parsert Islam, Pakkret
Nonthaburi, Thailand 11120


Both Sushi-cyu and Patio are in the All Seasons Place. All Seasons Place is an office building with some shopping mall on the lower levels and is located right next to Conrad Hotel, where we stayed for the first 4 nights. My Japanese friend recommended Sush-cyu for Japanese food. It was simply very convenient. I thought that the Japanese food at Sushi-cyu was quite authentic. However, it was quite expensive for our wallet probably because of the location being in the heart of business district. I imagine this place being more for business people to have business dinner.

3rd Floor, CRC Tower#303-4
All Seasons Place
87/2 Wireless Rd., Phatumwan, Bangkok 10330

Bangkok was a food heaven. So many choices with great food! I wanted to go to local stalls for lunch where local people go, but the timing during this trip didn’t work out for us.

There are other places I wanted to check out. They are Sirocco, Vertigo and Longboat. My husband wasn’t so keen on going to any of them, so he vetoed my idea to go to one of the bar restaurants my friends recommended. They all are similar in a sense that the restaurants are on a roof top where you can see a beautiful Bangkok night view and they have a hip stylish interior and decor. All the reviews complimented on the view as you can imagine, but many people seemed not so impressed by the food and they all mentioned how expensive they were. I learned that they all have a dress code with no open-toe policy, no shorts, etc. and the dress code applies to children as well. My friend who lives in Bangkok advised me that it’s enough to just get a drink there and if we are to pick one, Vertigo is probably the best fit as it is in Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel and had more casual feels than Sirocco or Longboat. I wish I could tell from my own experience here, but these are the information I gathered when I was there.

Thank you so much to those who left comments on my blog recently! They mean a lot to me. I feel bad that I haven’t been able to allocate time to visit other blogs to reciprocate as much as I want to lately. Once I’m done with Bangkok posts, I hope to make more time to visit other blogs.


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    Oh, you’re making me hungry again! I haven’t been to Thailand, but it looks like an amazing place. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip.


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