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During our vacation in Lombok in January, 2013, we stayed at Qunci Villas in Senggigi, located in the northwest of Lombok island. When I go on vacation, I often feel that I need a vacation to recuperate from a vacation I just had. This time I can say that it was a vacation where I felt very rejuvenated after returning thanks to Qunci Villas.


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This villa in the photo below is the Garden View Room we stayed. I will have a separate post about our room because I felt the need to have a separate post. Please come back to check out a post about Garden View Room next week!
Qunci Villas Garden View Room12

This is a path from our room to the restaurant, swimming pools and the hotel beach.
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On the day we arrived and the following day, we had a lot of rain, so the ocean water looked pretty stirred up. I heard that 4 days prior to our arrival, the water was in an aqua color and looked beautiful. For your information, the rainy season in Lombok is from October to March. Bali apparently has a very similar climate, but I’ve read that Lombok is drier. It rains for an hour and it clears up. The second photo here is the view of Mount Agung in Bali from Lombok.
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I only took photos of the swimming pools that kids were allowed to use. There was one smaller size swimming pool that was dedicated to adults only and there was a bar and restaurant called NooQ right by it. It looked very cozy. I forgot to take photos of the bar because we didn’t spend any time there, but I wish I took photos because I really liked the design.


When you go on a vacation and spend most of the time at a hotel you stay, what gets you most financially is the food you order at restaurants in a hotel. One of many attractions of Qunci Villas was their restaurants. They offer good quality food at reasonable prices. We tried a couple of restaurants in Senggigi, a tourist city center of Lombok, because it’s fun to explore and we like to get out, but I came to a conclusion that I really liked the food at Qunci Villas restaurants.

Asian Seafood restaurant

Qunci Villas19-001Qunci Villas22Qunci Villas23Lombok 37

Mediterranean food with a Lombok twist

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Qunci Villas Restaurant 7Qunci Villas14

Happy Hours (5:00 – 7:00 pm)
Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

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Qunci Villas Breakfast

The highlight of our stay in Qunci Villas to me was their breakfast. You order breakfast a la carte, which is great because you do not waste food and you get to eat while looking at the ocean if you get to the restaurant early enough to grab a table. They are popular as you can imagine.
Qunci Villas Breakfast 6



IMG_5129Qunci Villas21


I find the prices at the Qamboja spa very reasonable. I would say the prices were very similar to Puri Santi in Jakarta. My husband got a foot massage. I was very tempted to get a massage at Qamboja Spa, but I can go to a massage place in Jakarta very easily, so I didn’t.


Qunci Villas was like a museum to me. The American owner of Qunci Villas, Scott Coffey, says in the Qunci art photography book “Qunci inspired” “Art reflects the style and ambiance and sets one hotel apart from the next.” I find this statement true and this philosophy is reflected in every detail of interior design at this hotel. I purchased “Qunci inspired”, which was only IDR 100,000 (about US$10) because it inspired me. You can view this cool book as emagazine here.
Qunci Villas 25
Qunci Villas15
Qunci Villas Design 3

Qunci Villas Design


Qunci Villas2

Qunci Villas Decor


IMG_5093Qunci Villas9

Our holiday in Qunci Villas was wonderful. It was perfect for us, but I also find that experiences vary. If you want a place where your kids can run around and get the energy out and play hard, Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort might suit better for the need. Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort is also where many expats in Jakarta I know have stayed in Lombok.

During our 5 day stay, we played at the beach, swimming pool and our room, but if you want some activities, there are choices. To view the pictures of what we did and also other activity options offered by the hotel, please read my previous post “Vacation in Lombok, Indonesia”.

Qunci Villas was perfect for the type of vacation we desired to have in January after a hectic month in December. All I wanted to do was to play, relax and rest. I did not want to have any schedule or planning. Thus, the low key vacation we had in Qunci Villas suited our family with a little baby.

Qunci Villas is known for its romantic setup and many say that it is very much like a honeymoon type of hotel. It is true. However, I can also say that there were many other families with young children or even babies at Qunci Villas when we were there. We did make sure that our kids would not disturb other guests and the peaceful atmosphere of the hotel.

Click here to read about the Garden View Room we stayed.

Qunci Villas in Lombok, Indonesia
Jl. Raya Mangsit, Senggigi, Lombok
Tel: +62 370 693 800
Fax: +62 370 693 802
E-mail :


  1. Joy says

    Looks so lovely and relaxing! I love the place and am glad to hear it’s family-friendly. I am also totally with you on the feeling of needing a vacation after some vacations…glad this one wasn’t one of those!

  2. Maria Yanushevskaya says

    Dear Kaho,

    I have been following your blog for quite a while, but was shy to comment.
    Sitting now on the terrace of the Qunci villa I was compelled to write. Firstly, I cannot thank you enough for giving us a great tip on this wonderful place.
    I am an expat mom of a toddler with some Japanese roots. Like your family we lead a peripatetic life. We lived so far in Tokyo, London, Geneva and now Hong Kong.
    Thank you again for the inspiring blog, beautiful photos and lovely tips.
    All the best in your new adventures in India.

    • says

      Maria, thank you so much for leaving me such a sweet heartwarming comment. Arigato~~!!! You totally made my day. When I receive a comment like yours, I feel so happy that I have blogged. I am very happy to know that you went to Qunci Villas and liked it. You’ve been to some cities that I’ve dreamed about living or visiting. Lucky you!! Thank you forreading my blog!!

  3. Fenny says

    Hi Kaho, I know this is an old post, but I can’t stop thinking about Qunci from the first time I read it in your blog! I’m thinking of going there either March or Sept, haven’t set a date yet.

    How did you get to the hotel? Did you take a taxi or someone from the hotel picked you up?
    I’m planning to travel solo, how safe it is it there?
    I’ve never been to Lombok; but after seeing Qunci, I would be happy if I only stay in the hotel for whole trip ;D

    • says

      Hi, Fenny! If I remember correctly I arranged an airport pick-up transport through the hotel. I felt that it was very safe, but I was there with my husband. I hardly ever hear any negative things for women to travel in Bali or Lombok. I would like to say it’s safe, but this is coming from someone who never travels alone… I think you will loooove Qunci. No need to go outside even though it would be lovely to see other parts of Lombok as well. Thanks for leaving me a comment on Qunci! It means a lot to me!!!

  4. Lydia says

    Hi Kaho, I chanced upon your blog when looking for more information on Qunci Villas. I really hope you can help! I am planning to stay at Qunci with my 2 children (11 months and 4 years) and have a few child related questions. First up, does Qunci provide a baby cot/crib? At a charge? Second, do they have a hot water flask/coffee making facilities in the room? Just in case we need to make some cereal. Third, was the outdoor shower cold? I am hoping my children will gain a new experience on this holiday but am also worried about their little comforts! I really hope to hear from you soon! Thanks! Lydia

    • says

      Hi, Lydia! Thanks for visiting my blog! Here are the answers. They brought us a baby cot upon our request at no cost. Here is a post with a photo. I don’t remember seeing a hot water flask/coffee making facility in the room at least in our Garden View room which was the least expensive option. You would have to ask the hotel directly on this. I’m sorry! The outdoor shower did not feel cold for us. I loved it! My kids had a great time at the hotel! I hope you’ll love the experience as much as we did!

  5. says

    It is a very nice villa. I really like the photos. ohhh, this place in Lombok. of course you know that there are many resorts like this in Bali. and the interesting thing is, that we can invest in it. This is certainly a thing that you may know well. very impressive. It is suitable for families and honeymooners. nice. thanks

    • Kaho says

      Yes, there are many resorts like this in Bali except they are more expensive. For us the reason why we picked Lombok was that we wanted to avoid the traffic in Bali. We hardly had traffic in Lombok, the airport was not crowded, and getting around in Lombok was a breeze. That was great!!


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