Purse Market

My daughter with her new backpack and good friend.

My daughter loves to carry her new backpack pretending like her big sister.

I went to a purse market in North Jakarta with some friends earlier last week. It was so fun! It was definitely one of those local shopping and cultural experiences I’ve wanted to have and I absolutely loved it. It was a half-day (semi full-day) event, but by the time I got home, I was exhausted! It was the place you can get knockoffs. I’m talking about big brand names. I am not a brand name person as I cannot afford any of them first of all, but second of all, I think there are cute and stylish designs with lower prices available at Target or H&M where I used to shop and I’m happy with the products I can afford. Even someone like me thought it was exciting to go there for shopping! I admit that it is fun to get the same brand name items that magazines feature as what celebrities carry except what you can find at this market is not real and sold with affordable prices.

I wasn’t brave enough to take any photos of the market although I took my camera. I found a blog that has great photos. Click here to see some photos of Mangga Dua purse market on lomography if you are interested.

I didn’t have much cash on me that day, so I settled with something small. Here’s my purchase.

I cannot wait to go back to the market sometime in the near future!! Next time I’ll be even more ready for the shopping excursion!

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