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I found these photos of my middle child taken in April, 2011 in my iPhoto library and realized that I never used them for my Monday Mode last year. It’s been a year since these photos above were taken and a lot has happened since then. She was the youngest child of two back in April, 2011. Now she has a little brother.

She’s still going through the transition after her brother was born. I hear it’s hard to be a middle child. I’m the oldest, so I can only imagine what it feels like to be a middle child and I am definitely learning about it as I raise her. I am constantly making a conscious effort to give her enough attention.

When I look at the picture of my two older children from the past years, they make me nostalgic already. How can they look so different in a year? I am aging, too! Yikes.

Tonight (as I write this) my middle one is sick in bed. She threw up earlier and started to run a fever. She barffed at a party. I felt bad for her as well as for the party invitees. You can imagine what the moms and dads were thinking when they saw a sick child at a party. I felt bad for her because I didn’t take it seriously when she told me that she had a stomach ache.

It worries me when I feel my daughter’s feverish body. I hope she gets better by morning. When my child gets sick, it makes me realize how important the well-being of my children is to me.


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    What a cutie pie!
    This one’s got spunk and pizzaz and man, can she strike a pose!
    Don’t feel badly about brushing off her stomach ache. Parent’s can’t know everything. I am a nurse and I once took my 6 year old to the circus when I thought she just had a cold…it turned out to be pneumonia!
    Luckily stomach bugs go through little one’s quickly and I’m sure she’ll be better fast.

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      You always make me feel so good, Savvy Sister! Your story definitely makes me feel better about my ability as a mom!!!! She did get over the stomach bug and doing better already today!

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      She’s doing great today! I think something was going around. I heard that my friends’ kids who were at a birthday party last week also got sick. At least she’s getting stronger by being exposed to many viruses at this age!

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