Project KOI VI ☆ Dining and Living Room Sets

When I take photos for KOI Kemang, I really enjoy styling although I have zero experience as a stylist. Everyone has to start from some place, right? KOI Kemang sells antique as well as decorative items in their gallery and I get to use whatever I want to decorate the space. It is challenging, but I absolutely love it. Don’t you think the black creamers look absolutely darling? I wish there were some in white, but only came in black. They were gone fast.

I like those sets because of the industrial look. I love modern design especially the Scandinavian designs with use of a lot of white and also the natural wood. I like the clean look of the Scandinavian design, but I am also drawn to the industrial design that gives more rustic look. These dining and living room sets would look gorgeous with white floor and wall. Their being made with recycled materials makes me want to have them even more.


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    Looks nice, Kaho!
    I was wondering about our white wall just today. I got some cream color items that I want to put out, but it doesn’t look good with the white wall we have all around the house…

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      That’s a hard one… Instead of painting, if you can find some cheap fabric, you can put it on the wall like a wall paper. What kind of stuff is it?

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    I love the white and sea shells set up Kaho! Good job! And yes I love the concept of the milk carton creamer too. I first saw it at Fred and Friends online catalogue (remember Fred is my favorite gift brand?) and it was called Half Pint: I couldn’t find it in Manila thought but I did get something that is just as cute if not even cuter: Calf and Half It was my Christmas gift to my mother in law last last year!

    Btw you can get the white version of this for $14 here:

    Or you can visit the store when you go to Bali! =D


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