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This is a photo I took and KOI used on their table ad for an early bird breakfast for two (or more) which KOI introduced to its customers in the recent past. Basically you pay for the coffee or tea (and a little extra) to get a breakfast dish from selected choices. A wonderful opportunity to get involved with a photography project with KOI, my favorite cafe restaurant in town, came knock on my door a couple of weeks ago. Thanks, Alain!

Long story short, I landed with this project because of my blog. I am not a professional photographer nor experienced photographer by any means. For Alain, the owner of KOI Kemang, to pick me to be in charge of photography project must have been a gamble. I am currently using my point and shoot camera (looks like a wanna-be SLR) for this project, which I have used to take photos on this blog. If you look at KOI’s home page, a few of the photos I’ve taken before and during this project are used in the banner. There are photos that were taken by some other photographers on the banner. Can you tell which ones are mine?

If you are curious about the photos I have taken of KOI Restaurant & Gallery in the past, here are the posts I have written. KOI Restaurant & Gallery ☆ New Location
, Friday Finds ☆ New KOI Kemang Gallery
, KOI Kafe Gallery (Old Kemang Location)

Since I have series of photos I have taken after the project kicked off and it is still an ongoing project, I picked Thursdays to be the day I introduce the photos on my blog. The photos below are the ones I have taken on the first day of the photo session. These photos are items in the regular breakfast menu (not the early bird). I hope you like them.


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    That’s fantastic! It’s almost never the camera that counts, always the photographer, and you’ve done a wonderful job. Congratulations!

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    Kaho, this is amazing! you’ve just arrived in Jakarta and you are already on a project. Je dis “bravo”!!!
    I absolutely love the first picture and it makes me want to just try the food… it looks yummy! I hope to visit you in J. one day in 2011 :)

    And thank you for all your comments on my other blog, I really appreciate it! I have a very limited access to internet at the moment, so I am not replying to them, but they made me feel good!

    Merrry Christmas to your lovely family,

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    Came across your blog via Book Junkie and Lady J. Your photos are amazing! It’s really a surprise that they are not taken using a DSLR! You must have spent a lot of care in getting the angle and lighting right!

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    Those pictures are stunning !!
    I am currently reading “Pixel to Plate” by Helen Dujardin.
    And I have yet to learn on how to use more of my Nikon D3100 I got last Christmas from my husband ‘Steven.’

    Thank you for sharing.

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