Project KOI ☆ Photography III Belgian Mussels

How about KOI’s special Belgian mussels with wine?

Or with Beer?

It comes with good looking fries in a cone.

The owner of KOI Restaurant and Gallery, Alain Cornil, is originally from Belgium. (His Indonesian wife, Amalia Wirjono, opened KOI 20 years ago, but she currently works as a Vice President of CHRISTIE’S.) You see some Belgian dishes at KOI. This is one of them. If you have a chance to go to KOI in Jakarta (there are two locations: Kemang and Mahakam), make sure you try this dish!! One of the photos above here can be seen here.


    • says

      You can see my photos I’ve taken inside the restaurant to compare here. For the photo shoot, I took the table outside in order to get enough light for it.

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