Potty Training & No More Diapers (during the day)

My daughter hit a big milestone. Yes, she no longer wears a diaper! Hooray!!

It was this past March that I posted an entry “Poop or Get Off the Potty” regarding potty training my second child. Seven months later and a month before my second daughter’s 3rd birthday she decided to use a toilet for both number 1 and 2. She has been doing number 2 on a toilet for a quite a while already.

It seems that all of a sudden something clicked in her mind. I think seeing her close friend wear underwear and her starting a preschool where most kids wear underwear contributed to the potty training. I believe that it was simply her body and brain developed and became capable of processing the signs in a timely manner. Peeing was harder than pooping in her case, which was totally fine with me. Now that this whole potty training is behind me and became a history, I can say that it wasn’t too bad after all (even though I was complaining about it almost everyday and hated it when I had to change her stinky poopy diapers!!!).

I didn’t push my second daughter to learn to use a potty. After this past March post, I stopped stressing myself and it made me feel much better to drop the ball. The main reason why I decided to put potty training on hold was because we had a big international move across the Pacific Ocean and during the relocation, we lived out of suitcases for a month. It was a good decision.

My friend told me one time that you might think that it was taking forever to potty train your child, but then the next thing you know, your child is going on a potty. It is true. It was a huge pain to always carry diapers, clean her up with wipes, etc. but now I don’t have to do it any more (I do have to wipe my daughter…). No more! I love it. I realize that the stress of parenting only brings parents happiness, confidence and feelings of accomplishment in the end. Hang in there.

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    Oh, well done! That is such a great achievement – for everyone!

    We’re still in the midst of potty training (sigh), we do seem to be making progress though, so I’ll focus on that for now.

    Enjoy a nappy free weekend, Kaho!

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