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Last Friday was a day off at my daughter’s school. Since my husband also got to take a day off, I wanted to take advantage of it. The weather was nice and beautiful, so I felt like doing something outdoors without spending much time in the car. I suggested that we go to an outdoor playground in Kemang. I have been to The Playground in Kemang Dalam (near Hero Kemang) before. (By the way, I find this blog “Things To Do In Indonesia For Kids” very cool!) They both are wonderful. I liked Play Parq Kemang for our children better because of the indoor options. There are also two indoor cafes where parents or nannies can hang out. For parents who have babies and want the older ones to play outside, this place makes it easier for them and their babies.

Kids had a blast and my husband and I enjoyed the time there. The Playparq reminded me of my favorite parks in northern Virginia such as Lyon Village Park and Clemyjontri Park. I will definitely go back there with my kids.

The fee to enter the play ground on a week day is IDR 50,000 per child. On Tuesdays they open at 2:00 pm, so the fee is half, which is Rp. 25,000. It’s great. There is no charge for the adults who accompany their kids. I read that the fee for weekend days per child is IDR 80,000. I find this play ground much more chill and relaxing than other popular indoor play grounds for children in Jakarta.

There is another playground in the same region called “Playground” in Kemang Dalam. Playground seems more popular among expats than Play Parq, but I personally like Playparq better because of the indoor option, nicer cafe with the air condition and an easy-to-watch splash area. I went to Playground one time with my 4-year-old and little baby thinking I would be okay to nurse in the outdoor seating area. I was miserable because my baby and I turned into sweat balls.

先週の金曜日は娘の学校が休みでした。夫はその前の週末に、週末を返上して仕事をしたので、同じく金曜日に休みを取ってくれました。せっかくの平日にある休みだし、気分的に外で子供達を楽しませたいと思いました。車で遠出する気にはなれなかったので、カマンにあるプレイパークに行くことにしました。以前カマン・ダラム(Hero Kemangの近く)にある「プレイグラウンド」に行った事があるのですが、プレイ・パークは初めてでした。プレイ・パークには室内の選択肢もあるので、個人的にはプレイ・パークの方がが良いと感じました。特に赤ちゃん連れだったりすると、エアコンが効いている部屋に居られるのは助かるかと思います。

プレイ・パークでは、子供達は存分楽しみました!バージニア州在住時代好きだった、北バージニアのLyon Village ParkClemyjontri Parkを思い出しました。また子供達をプレイ・パークへ連れて行って上げたいなと思います。


Jl. Kemang Timur No. 72,
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
Tel: 021 719 5333
Fax: 021 719 3059

10:00-18:00 Wednesday – Monday
14:00-18:00 Tuesday
Rp.50,000 Weekdays & Rp. 25,000 on Tuesdays
Rp.75,000 on Weekends

If you take Kemang Utara, you take a right onto Kemang Timur. The play ground will be on your left about a couple of hundred meters in. If you drive on Kemang Timur from the south, the play ground will be on your right. You’ll see a wall with a colorful design of the play ground.

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    Wohoo.. another Friday find, we tried FX Miniapolis the other day after reading your review, we love it!! (even better, my friend had those HSBC specials -buy one get one free tickets).
    We’ll try this one next time too, thank you keep up the good work ^^

  2. says

    Hi Kaho! I love your blog! Your pictures are so bright and cheerful :) I am so thankful since it is very hard to find outdoor playground (yet not too polluted) in Jakarta.

    I have been in the Playground, and from what I see in your blog Play Parq must be better ! Great more options for me and my 3 yos gal! Thanks!


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