Friday Finds ☆ Pizza Marzano Pizza Making Party

My kids were invited to a birthday party at Pizza Marzano. Now I have gone to one and seen it, I can tell you how cool the idea is.

I have seen many birthday parties in the past that my kids were invited to, but I have never been to one for pizza making. It’s easy and low stress to host a pizza making party at Pizza Marzano for parents, kids have a lot of fun making pizzas and the best of all, the party cost is less expensive than other options such as having a party at an indoor playground or renting a bouncy castle and hiring a magician, which is very popular among expats community in Jakarta.

The family of a birthday child just arrived in Jakarta, but somehow the mom found out about the pizza making party. I have been in Jakarta for over two years and I want to say that I have heard about pizza making party for kids at Pizza Marzano some time ago, but I had never paid attention to it, thus didn’t really know about it! This is why I want to have this blog and tell other moms and dads about things like a birthday party ideas for living in Jakarta.

Based on the information listed on Pizza Marzano’s Facebook page, there are 7 locations within Jakarta. However, for a pizza making party, if I remember correctly, my friend found out that they only offer at the Citywalk Sudirman location. Please check with Pizza Marzano about this information.

Pizza Making Party for Kids
Recommended Age: 4 – 10 years old
Cost: IDR 50,000 per child
The fee includes one pizza, kids drink and a scoop of ice cream

Now I know about the party at Pizza Marzano and how much fun children had, I am very interested in the idea. It would be cheaper to host something like that at home of course, but if you have many kids to invite or you have young ones that you have to take care of while you host a party, why make a mess at your home? You pay 50,000 Rupiah per child to have a pizza making experience and that is also their food, someone else would teach how to make pizza, and they will clean afterwards, too. I think it’s a win win situation for parents.

Citywalk Sudirman Ground Floor (1F)
Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur 121
Jakarta Pusat, 10220
Jakarta, Indonesia
TEL: (021) 2555 6696


  1. says

    I know this restaurant! There was one in Shanghai when we were there – it was a very popular birthday party spot, and I went there almost every month for someone’s birthday :-)
    And the cupcakes are ADORABLE!! Can you eat the animals on top?

    • says

      I’ve been in Jakarta for 2 years and I had never been to the Marzano pizza making party until recently! I feel like I was missing out! Aren’t they? You can eat the animals on top. They are made out of marzipan.

  2. Tanya says

    Hi, I really like your blog! I would like to ask you if you could advise me where can I get the lovely cupcakes from the picture above? Thank you, Tanya

    • says

      She bought it from Cake a Wish in Grand Indonesia (more information below).

      You can check out their cake photos here.


      Ruko Galeri Niaga Mediterania I, Blok G No.8i
      Pantai Indah Kapuk

      TEL: 588.2810, 588.2801, 716.33.700

      Opening Hours:
      Mon – Sat : 9.00 – 17.30


      Grand Indonesia
      West Mall Lantai LG (sebelah dunkindonuts)
      Telp: 235.811.31

      Ciputra Mall
      Lantai LG (seberang Burger King)
      Telp: 569.54.843

      La Piazza Kelapa Gading
      Jembatan La Piazza (diantara Studio 21 dan Celebrity Fitness)
      Telp: 4586.5053


  3. Grace says

    Kaho, I just noticed that you posted about Nico’s party. Thanks! I want to note that I think all the Pizza Marzano locations in Jakarta will host pizza making parties for kids. But the one at Grand Indonesia did not allow them on weekends, I guess because it gets so crowded there on weekends. It was no problem at this location, so that’s part of the reason I chose it. Indeed, it was such a stress-free party for us to host. And the staff who taught the kids how to make pizza were really nice and good with kids. I would do it again!

    • says

      Thanks for the comment!! I thought it was a great idea to have a pizza party! Thanks for the explanation. Your information will be helpful for many other moms and dads who will host a party at Pizza Marzano.

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