Picking Flowers

dress: Target, leggings: Old Navy

shirt: Old Navy, short pants: Old Navy

sandals: Target

My girls had a play date with their best friend, my best friend’s daughter this afternoon. I walked home with them from a gym where I exercised with my friend Kara in the morning. It felt so nice to work out. I’ve been out of shape for too long. I have blisters caused by the shoes since I haven’t worn my shoes for so long. That’s how long I’ve been out of touch with exercises.

By the way, have you experienced finding out something completely new like great skills or talent you never knew about your good friend after knowing him/her for a long time? That happened to me today and that pleasantly surprised me.

I took those photos on the way back home with the girls. They love picking up flowers. Do you know the name of these flowers? I would love to know. There are hair clips made with a fake version of this flower I’ve seen on girls in Jakarta. I wonder where I can get them. I’m sure I will find a store eventually, but I’m curious.

Girls and flowers. It’s a lovely combination.


  1. Yono (Tjahjono) says

    Indonesia call it Kemboja or Kamboja Flower. Yes, you are right, balinese made hair clips of fake version of this flower. The price range between Rp. 5,000.- to Rp. 15,000.- depend on quality. Balinese use this flower for a lot of their ritual ceremony.

    Some handicraft stores in jakarta also sell this hair clips but usually the price is more expensive.

  2. says

    Looks like Frangipani to me… My grandma used to plant them lots!
    It’s smell wasn’t to my liking.

    Btw, this flower is popular in tropical countries in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc)

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