Phloey ☆ Thai Restaurant In Jakarta

Phloey is our favorite Thai restaurant in Jakarta. I’ve been warming this post for a while for the better timing. Since we were in Bangkok last week, I thought this might be a good time to introduce our favorite Thai restaurant in Jakarta. When we ask our friends where they like to go eat, they name this restaurant for their favorite Thai cuisine. The food is authentic. In fact, when we went to Phloey for the first time, we sat next to a Japanese lady who used to live in Bangkok and she thought it was authentic. I also love their modern chic interior design. I pick restaurants not only for their food, but also for their decor.

I asked the floor staff if I could take photos and they were very open about it. Phloey looks like a place for grown-ups, but they are welcoming to kids. We have only been there with kids. The dishes are reasonably priced. The service is fast and friendly. It would be a good place for a romantic date as well. If you are looking for a Thai restaurant in Jakarta, no need to look further (unless you live really far from Senayan area).

I should’ve taken a photo of their business card. It’s really cool. It’s rounded and gold with purple letters. I will take a picture of it someday. (I’ve seen the most creative business cards in Jakarta.)

Suan Thai Panin Centre Building
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. II
Senayan, Jakarta Pusat
Tel: (021) 739 4018 or 726 1570


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    I have never been to Jakarta. From the news in the papers people in SIngapore are worried about the safety issues. But your photos of the city look gorgeous. It seems like a very posh place.

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      I discovered that through asking tourists who go around Southeast Asia a question if they would come to Jakarta. I often heard that the media coverage made them worry to visit. Bali seems to be doing alright though. Jakarta seems to get such negative coverage. That’s too bad. However, now I have seen Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok, I think Jakarta is a better place to live than visit.

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    Hi Kaho,

    So funny I am also sitting on a post of Phloey for some time! But I have way to many things on my plate right now.

    We learned about it because some Thai friends hosted TD there so he finally took me there on date night a few weeks agao and it is super fab! Love the food!

    You know when we were there early the only other couple in the resto was a Japanese couple. I just felt like we were going through parallel experiences when I read this post! LOL!

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