Peek at Embassies

We went to “Around the World Embassy Tour“, one of the events of Passport DC 2010 this past Saturday on May 1. It is an annual Embassy Open House and this year 35 Embassies participated. Our goal was to see the Indonesian Embassy and Japanese Embassy. This was our first time to go out to D.C. for this annual event. We got in our car and drove out to DC around 1:00 p.m. I was excited especially to see the Embassy of Indonesia. That’s where we’ll be for the next 3 years in a little shorter than 3 months.

There was a long line of people waiting to get in at the Embassy of Indonesia, so it took us a while to get in. As we walked in, we heard the Indonesian music. Unfortunately, we walked into the Indonesian Embassy towards the end of the performance. We literally heard the last 2 minutes of the performance. Ah, what a teaser! I wanted to listen to the beautiful music of Indonesia!!! I guess I just have to wait. My older daughter had a chance to touch the instrument. The building of the Indonesian Embassy, which could be a museum, was absolutely gorgeous. I never expected the Embassy to be this stunning looking. We all were just mesmerized.

Then we walked towards the Japanese Embassy on Massachusetts.

When we got to the Japanese Embassy, we found out that there were tickets that the Japanese Embassy distributed for the Embassy tour and their tea house. There were only 400 tickets. They started handing them out at 11:00 a.m. and by 11:30, they were all gone! Dang. Needless to say, it was mission unaccomplished. Oh well. They had a table outside of the embassy and giving away some refreshment and small Japanese sweets. We were hungry and warm from walking, so we, meaning my girls and I, went to the table and got some cold green tea and sweets. Yum! The sweets were Japanese size. Tiny!! I could probably have 10 of them. The people there were nice though. If you will be here next year, I recommend you go to the Passport DC event.

My husband wanted to give our older child a treat, slerpee, for walking the whole time without complaining, plus it was humid and hot! The temperature here was close to 90 on Saturday. Nuts. Our little one saw her older sister walking into the store with her daddy and became quite unhappy. Teary eyes on small kids look pitiful. Don’t worry. She’s an actress. She would never make it to Holleywood though.


  1. Sophie's mom says

    I heard about this tour on the TV and was interested….. though well, it’s done.
    ………. where’s picture of Japanese sweet? Fortgot??? Hahahaha.
    Just remembering how not so attractive the U.S. Embassy was in Senegal.
    Indonesian Embassy is pretty. Good photos!
    Oh, and I love your yonger daughter’s teary eyes. She is good actress!

    • says

      You’re dead on. I forgot to take the photos! This is not the only time I forgot to take photos of food. When it comes to food, I’m more interested in eating than taking photos.

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