Monday Mode ☆ Sport Shoes From Pasaraya

I purchased a pair of sneakers for my first daughter at Pasaraya. It is a local department store that has a variety of items such as Indonesian knickknacks, batik, clothes, sporting goods, toys, furniture and more. I googled Pasaraya and saw that they have a webpage. I wanted to link it to my post, but I couldn’t access it when I tried to open the page. Thus, no link. The floor where I purchased a pair of sneakers for my daughter looks like this below. I used my cell phone camera as I didn’t have my camera.


I saw a pair that I liked. This pair was IDR 150,000 ($15!!) after 75% discount. It was the last pair, but fortunately it happened to be my daughter’s size. It is a hit or miss to shop at Pasaraya, but I always find something I like. This is the reason why I always come back to Pasaraya for shoes shopping.

The challenge of shopping at Pasaraya is that you might find the shoes you like in display, but you might not find your size. I found the shoes I wanted and the shoe was in my daughter’s size, but couldn’t see the other half of the pair, so I grabbed one of the employees and asked him to help me find it. He looked around the kids section and then he started wondering around in some other areas to look for it. Of course, he came back and said “there is no more”. I told him there had to be another one of the pair because there is one shoe. I thought he understood that it meant he needed to look more, but I found out that he had put the shoe back and left. I grabbed a different employee and oddly enough, a minute later he found the other shoe.  This happens quite often here. If employees can’t find something a customer wants, they simply say “they don’t have it” or “sold out”, but if you look for it, you might find it. Sometimes you can’t depend on the employees.



The best time for me to take photos of my daughters is the morning before school, but my first one does not like me to take photos of her any more. Can you tell the excitement on her face? I need to get better at this. Any advice?


My 7-year-old wears size 3 in US size by the way (they are still a bit bigger than her feet). Her sneakers look huge to me. I feel like soon she’ll be able to wear my shoes. She’s going to be taller than me. I know it.



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    I know the post is about the shoes, not your daughter. But she is so beautiful (yes, just like you!!) that I couldn’t focus! She’s grown so much. I can’t wait to see her this summer!!

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