Parenting And Transition

These are some photos I’ve taken when I volunteered to sit at my daughter’s school during the absence of the main teacher on her leave.

From this week, my second daughter will switch from going to school part-time to full-time. First time in her life, she’s going to school (play school) everyday. By the time my first daughter was at the same age, she had already been in preschool full-time, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. For some reason, I’m feeling a bit hesitant this time.

I think, the hesitation comes from recognizing the fact that this is the beginning of the next chapter of parenting. From now on, both of my girls will only grow up to be more independent and my big role as a caregiver at home in the past 6 plus years will forever change. Now I have more of a supervisory role.

Part of me is also being self-conscious about staying home when my child is not home. I’m afraid that I can’t justify for being home and not working while my child will be at school everyday except that I am not allowed to work in my current host country. I am apprehensive about what people will think about me. In the Western societies, I feel that the job as a stay-at-home mom is not as valued as other paid jobs even though it is one of the most challenging jobs that exist.

For me to come to the point where both of my kids are in school (one is still a baby stage) everyday and I have free time in the morning is momentous. I should be celebrating. However, I am feeling sentimental instead.


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    Your little girl is adorable as always. Who cares what society thinks….enjoy your mornings…looking forward to more bloggin.

    I am so glad I can view your blog. My internet had been down for days. First due to the DDoS attacks worldwide on WordPress and now with some Singapore Starhub telco provider issues. It’s an on and off thing. Am so happy to share in your beautiful life.

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    Dear Kaho,
    Thank you for sharing your thought. Your daughter’s school looks like a fun school to go to. I’m sure you can find other things to do, such as volunteer at free preschool for low income people that some individual/group run, take courses to learn new stuffs (such as traditional Indonesian cakes cooking lesson, sewing, crochet, etc.) in Jakarta.

    I always wanted to start a homeschool co-op for my daughter (and my son later on). But right now, I just teach them by myself (mostly read aloud) & some hands-on stuffs (cooking, science & craft project). I speak to them both in English & Indonesian, so for me that’s included Language Arts lesson 😉 Anway, you’are a wonderful person & have so much talents; and I believe you will figure out what works best for you..

    Dina @

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    It’s a big change for you I’m sure to see your youngest evolving and growing. Like you said the realization that you will be supervising more than care giving must not be easy for any Mom. I guess I can’t say that I understand or that it will be ok, because I’m not at that stage of parenting yet. But I do want to say that being a stay-at-home Mom is not a piece of cake (that I can vouch for) LOL. Even though you aren’t allowed to work and earn wages you are working (cooking, cleaning, parenting) PLUS you are involved in your photography project. and blogging. Not only is it helping you to adjust to your new culture (to have that feeling that you are making a difference is very important for us (women) but also you are discovering a potential you may not have realized you had! I’m proud of you!

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    I understand your mixed feelings. But I guess it’s inexorable. Time maybe for you to think about You. What you like to do and make the most of it.

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    Totally understand your feelings Kaho… it’s true that stay at home don’t get much consideration nowadays although it’s far from being an easy job! Be proud of looking after your little ones, after all in a couple of years they will be far more independent and will start their own lives… Time to focus on what you like, and what turn you want to give to your life… I am in the same waters and I only start enjoying it after 4 years of doubts (about staying home).
    You are doing a great job!


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