My Favorite Rockstar ☆ Paper Jamz Guitar

My second daughter is in love with this guitar by Paper Jamz at our neighbor’s. She says “I like to jammy jam”. She sees her daddy play the guitar, so inevitably she has been interested in it. Every time we go to our neighbor’s house for a play date, she always goes to it, puts the strap around her shoulder, bends her right knee a bit so that she can place the guitar and rocks. When I pointed the camera at her, her tongue came out. That’s what she does lately when she feels shy. I might have to get this eventually online. I saw that Amazon sells it for about $15. I want one for myself, too. I know, take a lesson with a real guitar, right? I should.

次女の最近のお気に入りは、このご近所さんのギター。「ジャミージャムするの〜(jamは音楽を演奏するという意味)」パパがギターを弾くのを見ているから、興味を持つように。ご近所の家に遊びに行くと、いつもこのギターを手に取り、ストラップを肩に掛け、右膝なんかちょっと曲げてギターを乗せ、演奏の物まね。カメラを向けたら、舌をなんか出して。最近照れると舌を出すように。このPaper Jamz(ペイパージャムズ)のギターをいずれ買ってあげたいな、なんて思ってます。アマゾン・ドット・コムで米ドルで15ドルくらいの値段で売っているのを見つけた。自分にも欲しいくらい。ギターのレッスン受けなさいって?思い切って習った方が良いかもね。

This is the second time I write in Japanese. I am thinking if I should start writing both in English and Japanese. The thing is that I don’t always have the time to write in both languages. I wanted to try this time as today’s post is very short. It was not easy. This could be very short-lived, so I apologize in advance if this post ended up being the last post in Japanese in a long time!! Please advise!



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    I am also considering to write both in French and English… time consuming and I cam up with the idea of perhaps having one or two posts a week with the French translation to start with and see what the response is…

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    Writing in Japanese seems as tough as writing in Chinese…and I am still learning Chinese but not sure if I’ll ever get to the stage where I can write..sigh!! The lil rocker is super cute, how I envy you – all the time you get to spend with her day in day out 😉

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    she is so cute! love the photo.
    wish i tried to learn to play the guitar when i was that little. might’ve learned then. now it’s just not working for me.. i can’t do it. but i wish i could..
    hope you’re having a good day

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    Your girls are just super adorable!! I love how she sticks out her tongue!! Miss you guys!!
    As for translation, I am guessing it will be very time consuming! I almost always post stuff in English because Japanese speakers usually understand at least a little English but not the other way around. And I’m just too lazy to translate… But if you are not as lazy I’m sure there are a plenty of people who appreciate your time and effort :-)

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      Thank you!! It is time consuming! What you wrote is exactly the reason why I have only written in English. When I write in two languages, it’s interesting to realize how they way I want to write in each language is different.

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