Papaya ☆ Japanese Grocery Store in Jakarta

There is not enough information about Japanese grocery stores in Jakarta online, so here is another post about one of the Japanese grocery stores in Jakarta, PAPAYA. There are three Japanese grocery stores as of now in 2012 that I know of: Papaya, COSMO and Kamome.

Japanese Curry
The colorful boxed packages in the photo above are the boxes of Japanese Curry mix. Japanese curry is very easy to make if you buy this curry mix in a box. You chop potatoes, carrots, and onions. Then you stir fry them with meat of your choice (beef or chicken usually), add water and cook them till the vegetables are soft and add the curry mix and stir. You pour sauce on top of rice on a plate. That’s it! It’s worth trying if you are adventurous about food and haven’t tried it yet.

I have purchased sashimi at Papaya and it was good. I would only go to Japanese grocery stores to buy sashimi.

I buy meat and fish at a Japanese grocery store because I find them fresher than other grocery stores and I like the way they package them.

This might be one of my favorite things about Japanese grocery stores. The Sozai section, a section for already made side dishes.

DAISO – Japanese 100 Yen Store
I sometimes stop by at DAISO (the red sign) on the second floor in the same building as Papaya is located. DAISO is a Japanese dollar (100 yen) store. The prices at DAISO in Jakarta is all IDR 22.000 which is about US$2.3 (220 yen) so that’s almost double the price you pay in Japan, but still some of the things you can get at DAISO can be bargains compared to what you pay at the local stores in Jakarta and if I don’t know where to get certain items, I know that I can find at DAISO. DAISO has everything. You’ve got to check it out. It’s so fun!

MOS Cafe is a Japanese version of a fast food restaurant. In Japan it’s called MOS BURGER. MOS BURGER is very popular there, but my American husband is not such a big fan except for rice burgers. I haven’t been to MOS Cafe here, so I cannot tell you if they have rice burgers here or not, but if they do, I would love to try MOS Cafe’s rice burger!

I especially love their baguettes. I find that Japanese baguettes are very similar to the original French baguettes. I would love to ask French people what they think of baguettes sold at Komugi.

I hope this information is helpful for those who look for Japanese grocery items in Jakarta!

Papaya is located in the corner of Jalan Melawai Raya and Jalan Pangalima Polim.

Map of Papaya in Blok M (A)


  1. says

    Hi Kaho ,
    i have been to this store. last trip i was looking for indian grocery store and mymaidin indonesia told me there is an indian store at block m area. So i checked the location and i heared that place is cheap for local art work batik. so i started my adventurous trip with my family and i find it is not kids friendly place for shopping in the Block M mall. it is like a godown. small stores but i got some good socks there for my kids and some placemats in the basement art shop.

    I looked for the grocery store and someone directed to this store they taught grocery store is same and when i went there it was japanese store but i got fresh baby okra and other veggies. so i just did some pastry and veggie shopping there. Nice store.

    I found out there are few indian grocery store and they are far and do homedelivery for purchase over 200,000 dollars. So we dint get anything cos my husband brought few grocery which i had in my pantry in Singapore . I really dont like the local rice the sticky rice as it dint go well with indian dal and curry.I was looking for the thai rice my luck i dint get it. So i got 2 kilo bag of basmati rice from singapore and completed my month trip.

    • says

      There is an Indian grocery store on the first floor of Kinara. That’s the only one I know. Kinara is in Kemang. Have you been out there? I heard about an Indian grocery store in Blok M, too, but I have never seen.

  2. says

    I looooove commin’ to Papaya though it need somekind of effort. Made me cracy to pick up the fresh vegetables and then unconsciously stack it up into refrigerator ^_^. And the souzai corner I fond but cost me to wake up early in a saturday, since it soon gone if we don’t get early. Well it’s an info, for MOS now available there

    • says

      It’s always fun for me to go to a Japanese grocery store and see familiar items. I think the sozai doesn’t sell out that early on Saturdays, but yes, it’s better to get there earlier than later.

  3. Joy says

    Wow!! The Papaya I used to visit wasn’t this sparkly and bright! Looks like they have just about anything you could want to make Japanese meals. Thanks for sharing this info!

    • says

      I love their croquettes, too! I think it’s worth paying to buy them than making a mess while making them at home. It’s quite labor intensive.

    • says

      Papaya probably has the most complete. Cosmo’s selection is pretty good as well. I find their fish very fresh and the variety is good. Kamome is closed now… So sad.

  4. Ferry says

    wowww mae kara sagashita yo kono supa , demo naka naka muzukashi mitsukaruno wa, boku wa indoneshia jin dakedo demo nihon no ryori sugoi suki da ..

    • says

      Yokatta des!
      Papaya wa Jakarta ni 2tsu location ga arimasu. Blok M to Bumimas des. Chikai ho ga benri desu yone.

      Watashi wa sukoshi dake Indonesia go o hanasemas node Bahasa demo kakimasune.

      Terima kasih untuk komentar anda. Ada 2 lokasi untuk Papaya di Jakarta.

      Papaya Jakarta
      Blok M 021 727 93777
      Bumimas 021 7581 8388

  5. says


    • says


    • says

      I always bought bread for my kids at Komugi Bakery. My middle child’s favorite was square shape milk bread with chocolate chips. My favorite was their baguettes. So delicious!

  6. Anita A says

    Thank you for posting about this store. I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t see your post. This should be my next grocery destination.
    I have been looking for Matcha (green tea) powder for baking and as well as for drinking. Do you know if this Papaya store would have it? Or is there any store I can find them at?
    Thank you. :)

    • says

      I remember seeing maccha powder at Papaya, but I don’t know if it’s the kind you can use for baking. It was for drinking which already has sugar in it. I’d try Papaya first and also Cosmo, another Japanese grocery shop in the neighborhood.

  7. Josephine says

    Miss Kaho, do you know where to buy green tea powder? and do you know the price for them? Thank you so much ><

    • says

      Josephine, I used to buy green tea powder at Papaya. It was for drinking, not for baking, though. It’s been over a year since I left Jakarta and I, unfortunately, don’t know the price any more. I’m sorry!!! It’s worth checking with Papaya. Good luck!

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