Friday Finds ☆ Pak Manto’s Kripik My Favorite Potato Chips In Jakarta

Do you like potato chips? If so, I think you’ll like the Indonesian potato chips “kripik”. Kripik means chips in Bahasa Indonesia. There is one vendor that a few of my Japanese friends rave about. The name of the vendor is Pak Manto (Mr. Manto). My friends have given me chips (kripik) from Pak Manto and since then they have become my absolute favorite. Once I start eating Pak Manto’s kripik (chips), it’s hard for me to stop! The kripik from Pak Manto’s kaki-lima (cart) is addictive! I need a lock for our cubbies so that I won’t eat too many of these chips!

I hear that Pak Manto’s kripik (chips) is usually sold out by early afternoon. Yes, you have to get there early because they do seem to go very fast! I have gone in the morning. The price is IDR 5,000 (50 cents). You can’t beat this price!

ポテトチップスはお好きですか?もしそうだと、ジャカルタのPak Manto(マントおじさん?)のクリピック(チップス)をきっとお好きですよ。クリピックとはインドネシア語でチップスの事。日本人の友人何人からかこのおじさんのチップスをいただいていて、それからはまりました。マントおじさんのカキリマ(車輪の着いたカート)で売られているクリピック(チップス)は絶品で、食べだしたら止まりません。うちの台所の棚に鍵を付けてもらって開けられない様にしてもらわないと、食べ続けちゃってやばいかも。


My favorite flavor at Pak Manto’s Kripik Singkong. The flavor is a mixture of sweetness and salty.

Tapioca Chips. Hot spice gives a little kick to the chips!

Another type of chips that I don’t remember the name. Sorry!

There is also a plain original chips without any seasoning.

Where is this located? 場所は?

Look for a kaki lima cart that looks like this from the street.

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  1. Anny says

    You made me want to go out and get some chips now!! I saw some carts around my area selling those chips to but I’ve been able to restrain myself but probably not for long ;).

  2. says

    I love chips! In Singapore, the malay equivalent is Keropok. It’s interesting to know they are called Kripik in Indonesia. I love the variety of chips there, I wish we could get more of such asian chips in Singapore! It’s darn expensive though. I think the fish ones would set u back by more than SGD$3 for a smallish packet.

  3. says

    Oh my god. Does he have Krupuk Udang? Or is that the original one. I’ve been looking for a place to get good krupuk udang (like they have in most restos) and I can’t seem to find any.

    The singkong is cassava if I’m not mistaken? That’s my favorite but I usually get it from Grand lucky. It’s awesome though that you get from Pak Manto! This helps him keep his traditional livelihood. Will definitely look for him! Thank so much for sharing sweety!

    • Bugs says

      thediplomaticwife, I think krupuk udang is every where in supermarket or pasar, I’m sure you can find it in Blok M for example. The problem is usually it’s not in a ready-to-eat form, you need to fry it yourself (or ask your pembantu to do it of course :)

      • says

        Hi Bugs, thank you for letting me know. I get overwhelmed with the choices in the supermarkets perhaps. There are so many kinds. Is there any particular famous brand of krupuk udang that you would recommend? I like it when it’s doesn’t smell to “fishy” Thanks for your help!

        • says

          I have some at home that needs to be fried. My hubby got them for me when he went somewhere on business. Can’t remember where he got them. I’ll look at the bag. Next time you come over, I’ll fry them for you!! I can’t guarantee you that I do a good job though…

  4. Bugs says

    Diplomaticwife, Kaho,

    I don’t know what is the most famous brand for krupuk udang since I think it’s also about our particular taste preference. But I know that the region famous for producing delicious krupuk udang is Sidoarjo, so if you by chance find krupuk udang produced by an enterprise based in Sidoarjo you may try it.
    As for kripik singkong (potato chips), the famous brand is Kusuka. It’s indeed very delicious.

    Replying some one from Spore above, kripik is different from kerupuk. The Indonesian equivalent of Malay’s keropok is kerupuk, not keripik…:)

  5. says

    Keripik Singkong 私も大好き!すごくローカルな食べ物だから、かほさんがこれを見つけて、しかも口に合うなんて嬉しい♪美味しすぎますよね??!
    上級者には、Keripik Singkongの辛いバージョン(Keripik Balado)も売ってますので、辛いもの好きだったら、是非試してね!

  6. Maha says

    Just want to add a side-note, for krupuks, you usually eat them with main meals (rice or veggie salad): krupuk udang, krupuk aci, krupuk ikan etc. Kripiks, however, you eat them only as snack. Kripik singkong, kripik tempe, kripik sanjai, kripik pisang etc. These are not the law of course! :-) And each cities/towns in Indonesia has their own specialty so whenever someone is on holiday/business they will buy these as a gift/souvenir to people back home.

    • says

      Thanks, Maha! It feels like there are so many different kinds! I will try to learn about them by trying them eventually! Everyone is welcome to bring me some. 😛

  7. says

    Oh yes neither can I stop munching once a packet of keropok is opened. The dried ones that need some DIY frying are so good too. Not too healthy but simply delicious :)

  8. says

    The good brand of kerupuk udang that you can find the the supermarket is Finna. It’s made in Sidoarjo. You have to fry it yourself.

  9. Mitsue Tonsho says


    • says


  10. says

    Kaho-san, I was surprised you know about this place! Yes, the price is cheap and the taste is quite good. It is 10 minutes walk from my living place. There are so many kind of ‘kripik’ in Indonesia and I personally think that home-made ‘kripik’ like this tastes better.

    By the way, recently spicy ‘kripik’ is booming in Indonesia. It even has spiciness level from level 5 to 10, in case you want to try :)

  11. says

    thediplomaticwife, if you want the best krupuk, the brand is Ny. Siok. This brand is famous among local Indonesians & their krupuk udang (shrimp cracker) is made from premium ingredients. Our home only eats this brand of krupuk.


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