Arife Lamoulde Baking Equipment Mumbai

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai

Arife Lamoulde Mumbai is for all the bakers in the city. Arife Lamoulde is a baking equipment store that sells items such as chocolate moulds, sprinkles, fondant, fondant molds, baking supplies and so forth. You can read more about Arife Lamoulde on this page. Arife might be a well known bake shop for the local people in Mumbai, but I had no idea about this shop and it felt like a hidden gem to me even though I have lived in Mumbai for a year and a half! I started hearing about Arife from a couple of friends in the recent past. They always referred to Arife as a shop across the street from “Shoppers Stop” on Linking Road. However, having gone to the shop, it was one of those places where you would not find unless someone gives you a step-by-step directions, so I decided to write a post for any people who want to know where to get baking items in Mumbai. I’m not a baker, so I didn’t really care to find out where it was until I decided to make a cake for my husband’s birthday this year and I was looking for fondant. I called my good friend, Diana, who is a great source of information and a wonderful baker. She had made a beautiful fondant cake for her son’s birthday using Arife’s fondant. Thanks to her directions while I had her on the phone on Linking Road across the street from Shoppers Stop, I was able to find Arife Lamoulde! I had a lot of fun just looking at their products. I hope this post will be helpful for many bakers in Mumbai!

日本人の方でもお菓子作りが好きな方は多いかと思います。ムンバイに、Arife Lamouldeという、こんなに可愛いベーキングショップがありました。お菓子作り、特にチョコレートの型やフォンダンの型や道具が沢山売っているベーキングのお店です。ローカルのインド人にしてみたら、皆知っているお店なのかもしれませんが、多分駐在員にとっては、あまり存在が知られていない隠れたお宝のようなお店かと思います。ここ最近になって友人の間で良いベーキングのお店があると教えてもらい、Arifeを耳にし始めました。Arife(発音がいまいちわかりません。アリフェ?アリフ?)は、リンキング・ロード沿いにあるショッパーズストップというインドのデパートから道を挟んで反対側と言われていたのですが、誰かに細かい行き方を説明してもらわないと見つからないような場所にありました。そこで、ブログに載せることにしました。私はあまりお菓子作りは得意ではないので、Arifeについて言われても興味を持たなかったのですが、今年の夫の誕生日にケーキを作ってあげようと思い、そのためにフォンダンが必要だったので、アリフェを試してみることにしました。よくいろんな良いお店を教えてくれる、またお菓子作りが得意で上手なダイアナという友人が、Arifeのフォンダンを使って息子さんのために素敵なケーキを作ったことがありました。その彼女に電話をして、リンキング・ロードのショッパーズストップの前で降りた後、電話で話をしながら、行き方を教えてもらいました。お店にたどり着いて、そのもの多さにびっくり。ベーキンググッズを見ているだけで、楽しい気分になりました。この記事が多くのムンバイ在住のお菓子作り好きの人の役に立ちますように!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai2-6

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai-4

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai-2

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai-3

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai-5

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai-6

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai-7

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai-8

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai-9

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai-10

Arife Bake Shop Mumbai-11

Arife Lamoulde

229 New Commonwealth Co-hsg Scty
Linking Road,
Mumbai, Maharashtra
022 2642 5990

It is said opposite of Shoppers Stop and all my friends said the same. Shoppers Stop is not directly in front of Arife Lamoulde. Shoppers Stop would be the landmark for the shop, but here is the view I saw when I stand under the gate with the sign for Arife Lamoulde.

ショッパーズストップの正面にある、とサイトに記載されてあり、また友人もそう教えてくれましたが、微妙に正面ではありませんでした。ショッパーズストップは誰にでも分かりやすいので、そう書いているのかもしれません。ショッパーズストップはお店を探す時に良い目印にはなるかと思います。下の写真は、Arife Lemouldeの看板の下に立って道路を見た時の景色です。

When you face the sign and the store, the photo below is the view on your right.


Arife's next door

When you face the sign and the store, the photo below is the view on your left.


All the photos on this post were taken with a camera on my iPod Touch 4 and edited with VSCO Cam.

San Cha Tea Boutique ☆ Kala Ghoda Mumbai

San Cha Tea Boutique  Mumbai-2

I learned about San Cha Tea Boutique in Kala Ghoda by accident. I wanted to take my friends who were visiting us in Mumbai to the famous Kala Ghoda Cafe in Fort. As San Cha Tea Boutique stands on the right side of Kala Ghoda Cafe, we walked by the San Cha shop and noticed it. We all could not help but peek into the San Cha Tea Boutique from the window because the store looked so beautiful.

Unfortunately, Kala Ghoda Cafe’s wait was long, so we couldn’t get a table. We went to The Pantry Cafe instead which was right around the corner and it was actually another cafe that I have wanted to try, so that worked out great! After we had a yummy lunch at the cute Pantry Cafe, we walked back towards Kala Ghoda Cafe. As we walked by the San Cha Tea Lounge, my friend asked if we could stopped by. We had some time for shopping till the next agenda, so we walked into the San Cha Tea Boutique. We all were delighted by the welcoming atmosphere of the shop.

I made some purchases for souvenirs at San Cha Tea Boutique. Tea packages form San Cha will make a beautiful gift from India for sure. Many Japanese people like to drink tea and India is famous for tea, so I always like bringing tea as a souvenir from Mumbai. Tea is also light and small, so it’s easier to pack in suitcase, which is another reason why I like to buy tea for souvenir.

Anyways, my girl friends and I had a lovely time!






San Cha Mumbai-29

San Cha Mumbai

San Cha Mumbai-16

San Cha Mumbai-2

San Cha Mumbai-6

San Cha Mumbai-5

San Cha Mumbai-3

San Cha Mumbai-7

San Cha Mumbai-8

San Cha Mumbai-17

San Cha Mumbai1

San Cha Mumbai-13

San Cha Mumbai-12

San Cha Mumbai-14

San Cha Mumbai3

San Cha Mumbai-24

San Cha Mumbai-25

San Cha Mumbai-26

San Cha Mumbai-28

San Cha Mumbai-21

San Cha Mumbai-19

San Cha Mumbai-15

San Cha Mumbai-22

San Cha Mumbai2

San Cha Mumbai-27

San Cha Tea Boutique

Shop No 2A 11A machinery House
B Bharucha Rd, Kala Ghoda, Fort
Mumbai, Maharashtra
TEL: 022 4002 0854

San Cha is located across the street from Trishna restaurant, a famous sea food restaurant. I was told that I need to go check out Trishna.

San Cha Mumbai-18

On the left side of San Cha is a very famous cafe Kala Ghoda Cafe. It looked so cool! I must go back! I am dying to try Kala Ghoda Cafe!!


Kala Ghoda Cafe

San Cha Tea Boutique  Mumbai-3

Maomao Indie Top

Maomao Indie Top-11

Maomao is a brand founded by an Indonesian designer, Peggy, in Jakarta, Indonesia. When I lived in Jakarta, I always thought that Indonesians are quite fashionable people. There are many cool brands created by entrepreneurs. You’ll be amazed by all the talented people you find especially in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. I used to love going to the biggest popup market in Indonesia called Brightspot Market and Goods Department which is a store that was realized from the concept of Brightspot Market to find out the hot indie designers in Indonesia.

Maomao owner, Peggy, came to visit Mumbai from Jakarta on a business trip and she made time to meet with me for the first time. She and her husband found my blog sometime ago, so she has contacted me and asked me for a possibility of collaborating with her brand. I agreed and we met at Suzette and had a lovely breakfast together. She was a very sweet person. She gave me some of the maomao’s shirts and even brought me a beautiful mug by Ayu Larsati. You can see maomao’s collection on its beautiful Instagram feed here.

This lovely Indie Top in cream color was one of the gifts from Peggy. Indie top is probably my favorite top among all that she has given me. You can see three other tops she has given me on this post about Maomao Linen Tops. Indie top is kind of a cropped top, but it’s not overly cropped, so even a mom like me can feel comfortable wearing it. It’s really cute. I like to wear it with pants, but it goes beautifully with a skirt as well.




Maomao Indie Top-2

Maomao Indie Top 12

Maomao Indie Top-5

Maomao Indie Top-6

Maomao Indie Top-7

Maomao Indie Top-9

Maomao Indie Top-10

Maomao Indie Top

Behind The Scene

Maomao Indie Top-8

Maomao Indie Top-4

Filter Shop ☆ Kala Ghoda Mumbai

Filter Shop Mumbai-12

Filter Shop in Mumbai has been on my to do list for the longest time. I saw Filter Shop’s photo somewhere and I have always wanted to visit. I was very excited when the opportunity to visit Filter Shop finally came. Three Japanese friends of mine came to visit me in Mumbai, so I showed them around the city that my family and I call home. I am very happy to live in Mumbai, so I wanted to show the best part of Mumbai to them. If you live overseas, you know the excitement of seeing your old friends in your city, don’t you? Based on their interests, I planned sightseeing for them and I decided to take my friends to Kala Ghoda, Fort after visiting Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST). I will write about CST on another day.

I took my friends to Kala Ghoda, the area that has become an art center of Mumbai because it hosts many cool shops and restaurants. It’s the area where you can walk around and I highly recommend you go if you haven’t visited. Filter Shop is one of the shops you must visit if you are in the area. Just like seen in photos on Filter Shop website, the store was as cool as I imagined. There are many products that are unique to Filter Shop and I loved some of the items with images or words expressed with a very good sense of humor. I find it important to have a good sense of humor in life and surrounding yourself with reminders will put a smile on your face, you know?

Filter Shop Mumbai-8

Filter Shop Mumbai-7

Filter Shop Mumbai-15

Filter Shop Mumbai

Filter Shop Mumbai1

Filter Shop Mumbai-9

Filter Shop Mumbai2

Filter Shop Mumbai-5

Filter Shop Mumbai-2

Filter Shop Mumbai-13

Filter Shop Mumbai3

Filter Shop Mumbai-17

Filter Shop Mumbai-18

Filter Shop Mumbai-19

Filter Shop Mumbai-21

Filter Shop
43 V.B. Gandhi Marg, Kala Ghoda
Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra
*Behind Rhythm House
Phone: 022 2288 7070

When you go to Kala Ghoda, look for the Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue which is a beautiful blue synagogue that is on V.B. Gandhi Marg. V.B. Gandhi Marg is one way and Filter Shop is after the Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue on your right.

Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue Mumbai-2

Keneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue Mumbai

The Lil Flea Pop Up Market

The Lil Flea-2

The Lil Flea is a pop up market that take place at different locations in Mumbai, India throughout a year. The Lil Flea is a great market to discover new brands and shop at variety of vendors for lovely items all in one location. They also have a food market area where you can try different foods and drinks.

My friend took me to The Lil Flea held at the Reclamation ground in Bandra, Mumbai last December 2014. I had so much fun shopping for Christmas and I had a blast. If The Lil Flea takes place again in December, I highly recommend people going because the weather was simply gorgeous in December in Mumbai and it was a great place to take care of Christmas shopping or any souvenir shopping for those who go visit their families in the winter break. The photos I posted here do not feature all the vendors unfortunately. There were so many more!

I have some shots of other vendors that I did not get to take photos on my DSLR, but I did on my iPod Touch. If you are curious, please visit my Facebook as well as my Instagram accounts.

October Design Solutions

October The Lil Flea-5

October The Lil Flea-2

October The Lil Flea-3

October The Lil Flea-4

October The Lil Flea-6

October The Lil Flea-7

October The Lil Flea

One Crafty Lady

One Crafty Lady The Lil Flea-2

One Crafty Lady The Lil Flea

TH Bakes

TH Bakes


Oomro The Lil Flea-2

Oomro The Lil Flea-3

Oomro The Lil Flea

felt paper scissors

felt paper scissors The Lil Flea-2


Silberuh The Lil Flea

Green Apple

Green Apple The Lil Flea-2

Green Apple The Lil Flea-3

Green Apple The Lil Flea-4

Green Apple The Lil Flea

Gia Bath Body Works

Gia Bath & Body Works Soaps The Lil Flea-2

Gia Bath & Body Works Soaps The Lil Flea

Gia Bath & Body Works The Lil Flea-2

Gia Bath & Body Works The Lil Flea-3

Gia Bath & Body Works The Lil Flea-4

Gia Bath & Body Works The Lil Flea


folkloric The Lil Flea-2

folkloric The Lil Flea-3

Unknown Brand – Can anyone help me?

The Lil Flea Clutches-2

The Lil Flea Clutches

Sky Goodies

The Lil Flea Sky Goodies-2

The Lil Flea Sky Goodies-3

The Lil Flea Sky Goodies-4

The Lil Flea Sky Goodies-5

The Lil Flea Sky Goodies

The Travellers Trove

The Traveller's Trove The Lil Flea-2

The Traveller's Trove The Lil Flea-3

The Traveller's Trove The Lil Flea-4

The Traveller's Trove The Lil Flea-5

The Traveller's Trove The Lil Flea


Viti The Lil Flea-2

Viti The Lil Flea


Kyonio The Lil Flea-2

Kyonio The Lil Flea-3

Kyonio The Lil Flea-4

Kyonio The Lil Flea-5

Kyonio The Lil Flea-6

Kyonio The Lil Flea-7

Kyonio The Lil Flea-8

Kyonio The Lil Flea-9

Kyonio The Lil Flea-10

Kyonio The Lil Flea-11

Kyonio The Lil Flea-12

Kyonio The Lil Flea


Exalte Tea The Lil Flea

The Lil Flea Decors-5

The Lil Flea Decors-4

The Lil Flea Food Market

The Lil Flea Food Market-2

The Lil Flea Bandra Photo booth-8

The Lil Flea Bandra Photo booth-6

The Lil Flea Performance-2

The Lil Flea Performance

The Lil Flea Sky Decor

The Lil Flea Bandra Photo booth

The Lil Flea Bandra Photo booth-2

Kids on a ride-2

Kids on a ride-5

The Lil Flea-3

The Lil Flea

Firefly Airbnb Villa In Alibaug

Firefly Alibag-19

Firefly is a beautiful holiday villa in Alibaug that you can rent through Airbnb. (☆The Firefly farm house seems to not be listed on Airbnb any longer.) Alibaug is a small coastal town located approximately 108 km south of Mumbai and it takes about 3 hours by car from Mumbai. I find Alibaug an easy weekend get-away for relaxation especially for city dwellers in Mumbai. Firefly gave us the place to enjoy the nature and escape into the peaceful time away from the city.

Our good friends in Mumbai, Kati and JP, booked Firefly for a weekend in April and invited us to join them. It just happened that my husband was traveling during the weekend when our friends booked to go to Firefly, so he could not join us. It’s always a bit intimidating to travel with three kids by myself (not really as I went there with my friends, but you know what I mean), but I decided to make this weekend at Firefly happen. There were two reasons. It was the last chance for us family to go on a trip with Kati, JP and their kids before the summer. Secondly, Alibaug is a car-ride away from Mumbai which makes traveling easier.

Sadly enough for us, Kati and JP and their family are moving this summer and will leave Mumbai for good. They have been good friends to us from the beginning of our stay in Mumbai. The children were very excited to travel together and it helped me a lot to ride with all four girls and my son in our car during the 3-hour car ride as they entertained each other. As expected our girls had the best time and even my son has been asking “do we go to Alibaug?” all week after our return.

Firefly Alibag-16

As I always do, I would like my readers to have a photo tour of the beautiful Firefly so that you can virtually experience the gorgeous farm house in Alibaug. The setting was exquisite. As a person who loves interior design and photography, it was the most inspiring weekend to be at Firefly. I will also add my take on the experience at Firefly with the photos. I hope it’ll be helpful.

Firefly Alibag-25

Firefly Alibag-17

Firefly Alibag-14

Firefly Alibag-15

Firefly Alibag-11

Firefly Alibag-12

Firefly Alibag-13

Firefly Alibag-18

Firefly Alibag-21

Firefly Alibag-22

Firefly Alibag-23

Firefly Alibag-24

Firefly Alibag-26

Firefly Alibag-27

Firefly Alibag-28

Firefly Alibag-32

Firefly Alibag-33

Firefly Alibag-34

Firefly Alibag-35

Firefly Alibag India

Firefly Alibag-39

Firefly Alibag-40

Firefly Alibag-47

Firefly Alibag-41

Firefly Alibag-43

Firefly Alibag-44

Firefly Alibag-45

Firefly Alibag-52

Firefly Alibag-48

Firefly Alibag-38

Firefly Alibag-46

Firefly Alibag-49

Firefly Alibag-51

Firefly Alibag-50

Firefly Alibag-56

Firefly Alibag-55

Firefly Alibag-54

Firefly Alibag-53

Firefly Alibag-69

Firefly Alibag-60

Firefly Alibag-57

Firefly Alibag-58

Firefly Alibag-59

Firefly Alibag-61

Firefly Alibag India1

Firefly Alibag-70

Firefly Alibag India2

Firefly Alibag-84

Firefly Alibag-79

Firefly Alibag-74

Firefly Alibag India3

Firefly Alibag-72

Firefly Alibag-73

Firefly Alibag-77

Firefly Alibag-78

Firefly Alibag

Firefly Alibag-5

Firefly Alibag-2

Firefly Alibag-3

Firefly Alibag-6

Firefly Alibag-10

Firefly Alibag-9

Firefly Alibag-81

Transportation to Firefly

Firefly is located about 30 minutes inland from Alibaug town by car and it is a 3-hour drive from Mumbai.

According to the Firefly’s page, it is a one hour drive from the Mandwa Jetty, the port in Alibaug to Firefly. If you take a ferry from the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Colaba, it takes about 50 minutes by ferry.

Based on my experience, if you travel from Mumbai with small kids, I would recommend taking a car to Firefly instead of a boat from Colaba. It’s easier on you. You will read later about meals, but Firefly owners encourage you to cook your own meals. You will have to bring a lot of food, so if you travel by boat to Alibaug, you still might want to take a car to load all of your luggage. Also, the schedules of ferries and speedboats can get affected by the weather, so depending on the weather, it is a possibility that ferries and speedboats get cancelled.

We went to Firefly in two cars and our drivers used the smaller back roads to avoid the traffic on the main roads. It felt like it took longer, but actually we made it in 3 hours which is how long it should take even though we left Mumbai around 4:00 pm on a Friday which was rush hours. I don’t know exactly which roads, but I liked the back roads from Mumbai to Alibaug. It was scenic compared to the main roads and the kids enjoyed the view very much.


There are total of 5 rooms. I only saw 3 rooms and I have photos of two rooms on this post.

My girls and my friends’ girls slept in the room downstairs inside the Poolside Cottage. My friends, the couple, used a room with a king size bed on the upper level of the Poolside Cottage. I used a room called the Glass Cottage with views over the Revdanda Valley with my son and my friends’ son and his friend (they took a friend of their son) slept in the Gatekeeper Cottage which was a bit away from the main area .

They accept 10 guests. My son who is 3 years old was counted as one in this number as well. If you have any questions, please ask the Firefly owners, Martin & Sagarika, directly on this.

If you go to Firefly with younger kids of age 10 and under, you might have to be creative with your room assignment because the rooms are not located all close together. There was one room that all girls slept together with a queen size bed and a sofa bed that spread to be a queen size bed that was perfect for them.

Firefly Alibag-62

Meals & Cooking

Firefly Alibag-4

The owners of Firefly encourage their guests to bring their food and drink from Mumbai and cook. To read more about cooking and meals at Firefly, please click here to see their descriptions and House Rules.

To be honest with you, if I have a choice to not cook during the holiday, I go for that option. It’s just one thing less to worry about as a mother of 3 when I travel with kids and more time to spend with them. I went to Alibaug a couple of months ago and stayed at Ccaza Ccomodore. The best thing about Ccaza Ccomodore was the food. They serve lovely full course meals and the warm food would be waiting for you on the table at every meal time.

That being said, I can tell you that if you prepare well in advance, it is not that bad. My friend, Kati, cooked delicious BBQ chicken and I brought some already cooked gyoza dumplings (pot stickers) for the first dinner. We brought mac and cheese boxes, ramen noodles, marinated teriyaki chickens and sausages to grill, some vegetables for salad, fruits, lots of bread, peanut butter, cheese, dips, crackers, banana bread, chips, snacks, wine, juice boxes, a cereal box, and so forth. Thus, the preparation for meals did not take much time. I got lucky that my older kids and my friends’ kids were wonderful about looking after my youngest monkey son while I was cooking.


Firefly Alibag-8

The website says pets and children are welcome, but they have two dogs at the farm. They also have many roosters that came out in the morning. The owners also warn that the farm is built on a steep hill and it is not suitable for unsupervised children.

Firefly Alibag-29

Firefly Alibag-30

Firefly Alibag-31

I agree with the owner. I also got lucky in a sense that I had older kids around to watch my son. Since my son had a falling incident in Goa in 2014 (you can read about that here), he is pretty good about not jumping off from a very high place and scared of the deep water, so he would not jump into the deep end of a swimming pool. I also realized that I was probably banking on the belief that during our stay at Firefly no injury would happen to my kids.

Other Thoughts

Firefly is located 30 minutes away from Alibaug town and is standing on a hill in the middle of the fields. There is no lodging for drivers near Firefly according to the driver I had that day. There is no extra space at Firefly, either, if you have 10 guests staying.

We let our drivers take the cars to go to wherever they needed to go to stay. One idea that I might suggest is that if you have multiple cars to get there, keep one car at Firefly in case of an emergency.

We had one injury during our stay. Luckily it did not require us to go to the doctor’s, but in case we had to, it would have been difficult as it would probably take at least 30 minutes to the doctor’s. We also did not have information for any doctor’s there and our cars were gone with the drivers. It might not be a bad idea to check doctor’s information in Alibaug.

I do not mean to scare anyone, but as a mom, I cannot help thinking of all possible scenarios when we travel. If you are a group of all grown ups, there is nothing to worry about, right? Wink, wink.


It was 32,000 Rupees (USD 500+) per night to stay at Firefly.

Firefly Alibag-83

This was my first experience using Airbnb. Airbnb is an amazing concept. It was founded in 2008, only 7 years ago, and Airbnb seems to have become a huge trend for travelers these days. Just in case if you are wondering, this post is neither requested or sponsored.

Villa Vandre ☆ Mumbai

Villa Vandre Mumbai-8

I found a cute cafe called Villa Vandre and had a lovely breakfast with my friends. I learned about Villa Vandre thanks to this article published by brown paper bag. If you live in Mumbai or New Delhi, I recommend checking out brown paper bag website because they really tell you new hip places to go and what’s happening in town. I subscribe to their Facebook and Twitter and through Facebook I found out about Villa Vandre. Brown paper bag also issues The Coup Card, which is a discount card you can use at partnered restaurants. I have paid to get one and use The Coup Card all the time.

Villa Vandre is a tiny place that has about 4 tables inside. Two of the four tables seat 4 each and the other two seat 2 people, so they can’t seat too many at the same time. I didn’t make a reservation and had a table right away, but I thought it might be better to call in the future. I loved their yummy western style breakfast with a little Indian twist and they offer reasonable prices for Mumbai (it’s not cheap to eat out in Mumbai if you go to westernized restaurants). I always love a neighborhood hole in a wall type of places and I hope many of you will like Villa Vandre as much as I did. I need to go back for their tuna bagel recommended by brown paper bag! By the way bpb reviews candidly and pays for their own meals. That’s really cool for a company to do that and you know that their opinions are authentic which is what we would love to have for recommendations, don’t you think?

Villa Vandre has a Facebook page if you are interested in seeing more photos.

Villa Vandre Bandra Mumbai1

Villa Vandre Mumbai-4

Villa Vandre Bandra Mumbai2

Villa Vandre Mumbai-5

Villa Vandre Bandra Mumbai

Villa Vandre Mumbai-12

Villa Vandre Mumbai-13

Villa Vandre Mumbai-14

Villa Vandre Mumbai-10

Villa Vandre

New Kantwadi Rd, Pali Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
PHONE:022 6527 9009
HOURS: 8:30 am – 11:30 pm


Villa Vandre Map

Monday Mode ☆ maomao Linen Blouses From Indonesia

maomao shima white-4

maomao shima white-5

I had a pleasure of meeting lovely Peggy who flew from Jakarta, Indonesia to Mumbai, India for her work. Peggy told me that her husband, Herman, who started Lima Watch (beautiful watches) found my blog and told her that she would like my blog. So she checked it out and she did. I found this story very sweet. It’s such an honor to be followed by two talented Indonesian artists/entrepreneurs like Peggy and Herman. I also love hearing how people have found my blog because my blog does not have a huge following compared to a blog superstars out there. The interesting thing, though, is that Indonesia seems to still rank the highest in term of traffic to my blog even a year and a half after I had relocated to Mumbai, India. I am very flattered! Thank you, readers in Indonesia!!

One day Peggy emailed me and told me that she recently started her lovely fashion line with linen textiles called maomao and she would like me to have some of her clothes. Then she gently asked if I would be interested in writing about them. She informed me that she would be coming to Mumbai for her work and asked me if we could meet up so that she could give me some clothes. I thought she might bring one item, but she gave me so many! I could not believe how generous she was! She also gave me a beautiful mug that she bought from Ayu Larasati who seems to be fast growing in popularity in Indonesia.

Life is interesting, isn’t it? I met Peggy for the first time at Suzette in Mumbai, but it felt like I met an old friend from Jakarta. It was so nice to meet with someone who came from the city that I was very familiar with and called home for the past 3 years prior to our move to Mumbai. The world of blog and social media seems to have changed the form of friendship. My blog that I started 5 years ago, a Chuzai Living Facebook page, and Instagram have brought some lovely friendship. I would have not met Peggy from Jakarta in Mumbai without them.

So, here’s my little contribution to Peggy who brought lovely clothes all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia to give me. By the way, Jakarta seems to be booming in the field of design and I am always drooling over the photos taken in Jakarta, Indonesia that I find on instagram. I still have more items of maomao that Peggy gave me to write about, but I’ll keep them for the future post! I especially fell in love this white “Shima” blouse. It is so comfortable, light, beautiful and perfect for the hot weather.

maomao shima white-6

maomao shima white-9

maomao shima white-2

maomao shima white-3

maomao shima white

maomao shima white-11

maomao yumi top navy shirt-3

maomao navy shirt

maomao yumi top navy shirt-6

maomao yumi top navy shirt-5

maomao yumi top navy shirt-9

maomao yumi top navy shirt-8

maomao shima white-10

I enjoyed styling for the three blouses. You could also see how maomao styles their blouses and find out about other shirts through maomao’s instagram photo gallery. Enjoy!

Three blouses by maomao in this post were gifted by Peggy of maomao and the rest of the outfit and accessories are my own.

Friday Finds ☆ Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai India

Sanjay Gandhi Natinal Park Mumbai-23

Who would’ve known that Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai, India would look like another part of India and nothing like the urban areas of Mumbai? It was quite a pleasant surprise to see the lush landscape and lovely nature at Sanjay Gandhi National Park which is about an average of 30 to 50 minute drive from many city areas in Mumbai on any given day (except for when there is traffic on a highway).

Elephanta Island vs. Kanheri Caves at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

☆ Please understand that I’m writing this from a perspective of a mother with a toddler. I am sure that I would have had different perspectives, had I been at a different stage of my life.

My friend and her family came to visit us in Mumbai from another part of the world. They showed an interest in going to Elephanta Island during their stay. I have heard about Elephanta Island and seen the photos of the caves and carved stone statues. It looks very photogenic. I had some thoughts, though. To get to the Elephanta Island, you have to get on a boat from Colaba. My friend and I both have a 3-year-old who would make me nervous near the water. The weather was already hot in March and I could imagine that managing young kids in a very busy touristic area of Colaba waiting for a boat in the heat of the day would be challenging. It would be a full day gig to go to the Elephanta Island. Lastly I prefer avoiding getting on a boat if I could. Then my good friend in Mumbai, Kati, said to me “why don’t you take your friends to Sanjay Gandhi National Park? It’s the same thing.” My light bulb went “ting!”

As for Kanheri Caves at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, once you enter the gate to the park, you drive on a scenic path for about 5 to 10 minutes until you can get all the way to the car park right outside of the entrance to the Kanheri Caves. The monkeys were not aggressive at least when we were there, so I did not have to worry about them approaching my children or myself. Food was not allowed in the park, which makes sense so that we don’t attract monkeys or make them sick. The park was well taken care of and looked very clean. In fact, I don’t remember seeing any trash on the ground of Kanheri Caves. After we finished the walk, we hopped back in our car and drove off. It felt so relaxing to be in the comfortable and cool air-conditioned vehicle where we could access snack and bottled water. My 3-year-old fell fast asleep as soon as the car drove off since he was exhausted after a long walk and lots of climbing. There was no melt-down involved. Isn’t that a key to a successful outing with a toddler?

I could write more about our experiences seeing Kanheri Caves at Sanjay Gandhi National Park. However, instead of my writing, I would like to let the photography do the talking, which is my usual style. I hope you will feel like you have the virtual tour of the beautiful Sanjay Gandhi National Park through my photos on this post.

Sanjay Gandhi Natinal Park Mumbai

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Sanjay Gandhi Natinal Park Mumbai India

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The yellow patches on the children’s shirts are mosquito repellant stickers. You can buy them at any pharmacy in India. We did not see any mosquitos outside in the heat during the middle of the day. By the way, as you can see in the photos, our two little 3-year-olds were troopers and did really well climbing the stairs and walking in the heat! They did not ask us to carry them and really enjoyed the hike!

Sanjay Gandhi Natinal Park Mumbai India8

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The view from the hill in Sanjay Gandhi National Park was really beautiful. The land looked quite dry and brown as it was at the end of March which is about 6 months into the dry season. we have not had rain in a long time. This part of the park must look beautiful and much more lush right after the monsoon season ended which is around October. That might be the most beautiful time to visit Sanjay Gandhi National Park. You might be able to see some water falls.

Sanjay Gandhi Natinal Park Mumbai-76

Sanjay Gandhi Natinal Park Mumbai-77

Sanjay Gandhi Natinal Park Mumbai-78

I am really glad that we went to Kanheri Caves at Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Not to mention the park was beautiful and impressive, Kanheri Caves were really fun for the kids.



Sanjay Gandhi Natinal Park Mumbai-65


water bottle

We went to Le Pain Quotidien in BKC for lunch. Le pain Quotidien (or LPQ according to locals) in BKC is conveniently located right outside of a Kalanagar Flyover exit. This flyover runs from north to south in the middle of Mumbai all the way down to the Sea Link. Le Pain Quotidien is a great place to stop by for lunch after the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. We always love their kind service and consistently good quality of food. If you plan on going there on a weekend for lunch, I recommend you make a reservation as they get packed for weekend lunch especially on Sundays. You can find their info on this post.

Lakme Fashion Week 2015 ☆ Textile Day 2 ☆ Mumbai India

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week-4

I had a lovely opportunity to go to the Day 2 Textile Day of Lakme Fashion Week 2015 in Mumbai thanks to my neighbor. This is one of the perks I have experienced as an expat here in Mumbai, India and back in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have posted photos of Indonesia Fashion Week in Jakarta on my blog. Please click here to view my post on Indonesia Fashion Week in 2013. I also had a chance to visit Bazaar Fashion Show at the beginning of our stay in Jakarta in 2010.

Every time I go to a fashion show, I realize how much I love fashion. I cannot afford to spend much money on my wardrobe, but it’s nice to be able to let my eyes indulge in the beauty of textiles, colors, design and beauty of Haute couture.


Anavila’s textile gave me a different view of sari in terms of texture and colors. The colors were beautiful. These soft palette is my favorite. I think Japanese women might like Anavila’s western style outfits seen at Lakme Fashion Week. The fabric looked very soft and comfortable. The collection looked elegant and chic.

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week-2

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week 2015 1

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week 2015 2

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week 2015 3

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week 2015 4

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week 2015 5

DIA MIRZA modeled for Anavila’s show. I felt the whole crowd sighed with excitement of seeing Dia Mirza on the stage when she came out. Dia Mirza was dazzling with her beauty.

Dia Mirza Lakme Fashion Week 2015-15

Dia Mirza-2

The designer, Anavila Misra, of her brand Anavila and Dia Mirza walked together at the end of Anavila’s show at Lakme Fashion Week 2015.

Dia Mirza Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week 2015-18

Anavila Misra Dia Mirza Lakme Fashion Week 2015



I loved how Patine’s collection at Lakme Fashion Week showcased the Indian design mélange with the western style. It was beautiful and appealing. I saw many outfits of Patine that I could totally see people wearing them anywhere in the world. Some would be great for summer vacation and some could be a city wear. The versatility of the design by Shon Randhawa of Patine would probably appeal to outside of India as well.

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015 1

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015 2

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-3

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-6

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-7

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-8

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-10

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-11

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-12

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-13

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-14

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-15

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015 3



This collection of Rahul N Shikha at Lakme Fashion Week reminded me of the Mexican design. Pop of colors was so pretty and all the models looked like princesses from a fairy tale. The workmanship of all the embroidery was amazing. Many of the people at the fashion show received the Rahul N Shikha’s scarf as a souvenir. It’s really pretty!!

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-6

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015 1

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015 2

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015 3

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015 4

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-7

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-9

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-10

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-12

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-15

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-16

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-17

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-18

Have you noticed that all the models wore flat sandals on a runway at these three shows? I’m sure they were quite happy about that! All the shoes looked adorable, but I especially liked the Gladiator sandals with strings. I wonder if flat sandals are going to be super popular again this summer!

I had taken of this photo below of an Indian actress before the show started. She stood in front of photographers to pose for them. She looked gorgeous.

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

I hope you were able to virtually experience what it feels like to be at Lakme Fashion Week show in Mumbai, India through this post! Learning about Indian design is quite fascinating. Thank you for your visit to my post on Lakme Fashion Week!