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If you have been around my blog for a while, you must be thinking, what’s up with that Kaho…? She’s gotten lazy or what? I used to religiously update my blog posts everyday. Now my posts show up twice a week or sometimes once. I’m barely keeping up with it.

Yep, it’s very clear in the photo. We are expecting. March 2012 it is! Some might recall my post where I wrote that I thought I had parasite. I truly thought I did. It turned out it was a baby!!! We are very excited! We’re 20 weeks pregnant. We don’t know the gender and plan on making it a surprise just like we did with two previous pregnancies.

I don’t like to give excuses, but it has been difficult to keep up with my blog because of my pregnancy. I’m not paid to do this, so when it is physically challenging for me to update my blog, I have let it slide. My blog has always been in my mind, but I have not been able to focus and most of all, I have had no energy to motivate myself.

I have always had difficult pregnancies especially during the first trimester. My morning sickness is usually from the moment I wake up till the moment I fall asleep and it seems to progressively get worse during the day. After the first 3 or 4 months, my morning sickness seems to alleviate a little bit, but the queasiness normally lasts the whole 9 months in my case. I keep telling myself, this is going to be the last time I am pregnant, so enjoy it. My husband and I are happy though.

I can keep talking about how I feel, but it’ll probably end up being my complaining, so I need to stop here. I just wanted to share the happy news.






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    Congratulations, Kaho!! The sex of the baby doesn’t matter, as I believe that he/she will be as beautiful as your two girls.

    Enjoy your pregnancy!!

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      Thanks, Leony! I hope I can enjoy pregnancy more! I feel like it’s taking forever!! I hope the baby will be born with a good health without any issues and that’s all I wish for!

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      Thanks!! The girls are super excited! I send you a good vive from your home region to you on your delivery!! We can have a talk about babies soon!

  2. Kiki says

    Congratulations, so happy for you. I’ve been wondering what happened to you as I kinda miss my morning ritual visiting your blog. And actually yesterday morning, the thought of “Kaho is probably pregnant” crossed my mind. Reading this post, I can only say wow, it’s true! Anyway, congrats again, I’m sure your princesses are happy looking forward for their little boy/girl. Keep healthy and happy!

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      Thanks!!! Your comment made my day. 😀 Thank you for reading my blog!! Really? You knew! Wow, you’ve got some good intuition and ding, ding, ding! You’re correct!! My monkey princesses are very excited!

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    Congrats again!!! I’m super excited for you :-)
    You still look gorgeous with the tummy… Let me know if you need anything at all from here!!!

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      Thanks!! Ah, you haven’t seen me in real life! 😛 I am so big and gaining weigh like crazy. I still get queasy which is not so cool… I need your company, if you can send me that!

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      Thank you!!! We’re excited, too! I’ll try my best. I feel like such a slacker!! I appreciate your kind words! Made me feel better.

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      Thanks! I love that top, too. It’s an Indonesian brand called et cetera. My baby bump seems to be growing everyday into a monster bump…

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    Gosh Kaho! I really don’t know how you are doing it! But you have an elegance about you that makes everything look so easy! From being a mom, blogger, housewife, traveler and so much more! It’s okay – i totally understand about blogging less. You have to prioritize your health and your baby’s health. Enjoy and rest up!

  5. says

    How exciting! I hope you will keep us updated with pictures and cute things your girls say about the new baby coming.
    As far as the queasiness goes, I know you’ve probably tried everything. When I was going through chemotherapy, I was always queasy until I saw an acupuncturist. Just one treatment was all it took to feel better. (I actually ate a full lunch when I got home from treatment!), and he gave me some pressure points for when I felt it coming on anytime (just under your wrist on the inside of your arm between the two muscles in the center. Pressure applied for several minutes can alleviate nausea) I wrote a post about it and you can find it under “misc posts” titled “Don’t Pin Me Down (my acupuncture experience).

    Ginger is also wonderful (I lived on ginger ale!)

    Cheers to you and your hubby!!

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      Thanks!! I will have to come to your post and learn how to do it. I tried almost everything people told me that worked for them. I will definitely have to try the pressure points. I might be walking around with my one hand holding the other’s wrist. I love ginger candies right now. Thanks again, Savvy Sister!!

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    What a news! Congratulations to you and your husband Kaho! The pics are only from the side, but I can tell you have the pregnancy glow. The memory of maternity life in Jakarta will be the most incredible souvenir from Jakarta ^^

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    Kaho, oh yay happy news! I have been meaning to tell you how cool it is that you have been doing all these projects (ie: stylist on a photo shoot) as an expat you have really embraced your ‘adopted’ country and to add that you are pregnant and not feeling well, that’s amazing. so you should be proud of yourself! take care of yourself and congrats again!

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      Elisa, thank you for your heart felt message!! It means a lot to me. Thanks so much for dropping by and leave me with such a nice message!!

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    I suspected you were pregnant when you mentioned several weeks ago that you were having trouble keeping up and had “something to share later”! Congratulations!

    My cousin had her first baby several months ago, and had the exact same problem– she felt sick the ENTIRE pregnancy, and not much helped. But in the end, she delivered a healthy baby girl, so it was all worth it. I am sure you will feel the same in March, so hang in there and take good care of yourself. We will be here, ready to read your posts, when you are ready to return to blogging.

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      Mia! Thank!! Wow, you have a good instinct, too! I’m hanging in there. For some women pregnancy is easy-peasy and for me, it’s feeling like motion sickness all the way! Can’t wait for March!!! Congrats to your cousin!!

  9. Shiew says

    Congratulations! I’ve just discovered your blog and have been admiring the styling and the gorgeous pics you take.

  10. says

    Oh yeah?! I didn’t know! Congratulations! =D Have a healthy pregnancy! I’ve always wondered what it will be like for me (in the future IF we will be given one)… I hope for the best for you! Do you hope it’s a girl? My dream family is having 3 girls. =)

    By the way… we’re going to Indonesia in 2 weeks =) Actually in Batam and it’s not a vacation. Our school is doing an outreach project. But I still find it exciting.. =)

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      Thank you! I’m one of the four girls in my family, so I know that my girls would be happy with a baby girl. They will be as happy having a baby brother, too. I’m happy either way. I have always wanted to have three kids. No more though! I’m so done!! I hope you’ll have a great trip in Batam! I will have to come check out your posts about it!!

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    So happy to read your good news! Enjoy your pregnancy, blogging should be fun and when you have the time, you make a post, much more important is you being rested and ready for your new baby right? Again, enjoy! And you look great btw, have a good week!
    Maureen x

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      Thanks! I’ll try to enjoy my pregnancy. This is by far the hardest for some reason. You’re so sweet, Maureen. I have to build my energy for my third!

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    Congratulations to you guys, Kaho! :) Hang in there–you are halfway to the finish line! (The first time I met you you were pregnant with your second and you were helping translate forms for me for Sebastian’s school) :). Can’t wait to see your surprise!

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      Thanks!! I try to keep reminding myself, it’s half way… Half way…. That half way feels so long… We cannot wait for our surprise, either!!

  13. Ichiyo says

    ほんとに楽しみねー。 体にはくれぐれも 気をつけて。 無理をしないでね。 3月 結果報告、楽しみに待ってます!

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