Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Organizing Bookshelves With Boxes

Synthetic leather boxes from Hide-N-Skin are great for organizing bookshelves. I was able to buy many because Hide-N-Skin‘s prices for these synthetic leather boxes are less expensive than many places you find in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you are interested, scroll down and you will find the Hide-N-Skin’s showroom information below.

I finally got around to work on my extra room project today as it was a holiday called “Waisak (Buddha’s Birthday)” in Indonesia. My husband also helped me and cleaned up our little office in our master bedroom. I feel so much better now since these projects have been bugging my mind for a while! The basement’s extra room is still work in progress. It might take me a while to finish this room. I just have to be patient!



For more photos of products by Hide-N-Skin, please click here or copy and paste the following.


HIDE-N-SKIN Showroom by Appointment
J. Ciomas 2 No. 24
Kebayoran BAru, Jakarta Selatan
Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tel: (021)7279 7279
(021)7074 0560
Mobile: (62)(0)-81 8191587

*Hide-N-Skin also caters for the wholesale and export market. For those who are interested to get the items shipped overseas please contact Gerry for details.

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