One Less Item, More Space

If you recall or haven’t seen my post about my kids room, here it is. I just sold a sofa which used to be placed in our kids room against the window. It’s a futon sofa we’ve used when we had a house guest who stayed with us. I used Craigslist for the first time to sell it and it went fast and was much easier than I imagined. I posted the article on Tuesday around noon, got a call from an interested buyer in the evening of the same day, and by the next day, Wednesday noon, the futon sofa was picked up and gone. I also received 3 email messages regarding the sofa, but I had to tell them it had been sold. I think I put the right price for the item and also got lucky with the timing and buyer. She was reliable, organized and kind.

Above pictures show how my kids room looks now. Do you see the difference? We have so much more space in our kids room and I love it. I wish we could have done this much earlier. It was convenient to have the futon sofa in the kids room when people came to stay at our place, but many other times, it was just attracting kids to climb on or draw on it. My younger daughter still sleeps in her crib and my older one sleeps on a Japanese style futon (I’ll show what Japanese futon looks like some other time) and since we’re moving out of our apartment in a month or so, we are not expecting any house guest. It is fine without the futon sofa and removing it from the room created more space for our kids to play. One less item for us to worry about when packing out, more we’ve gained from it!


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