Monday Mode ☆ Old Navy Dress & Carters Outfit & My Silly Girls

top & skirt: Carters

The mocha brown and the tone of blue that my older daughter is wearing in the photos are all summer colors. Her primary colors that she looks good in are summer colors (so are mine) according to the seasonal color analysis which my friend, Yumi, did on her.

I also love the white dress that my daughter’s friend is wearing. It’s darling! Don’t you agree?

The red headband my daughter was wearing was a gift from my Japanese friend who was visiting her family in Jakarta for a while. This headband was purchased in Jakarta. I’ve asked my friend, Mari, where she bought it, so I’ll post the information about it after I find out. Mari is one of the friends who told me about delicious Pak Manto’s Kripik (kripik is chips in the Indonesian language).




dress:Old Navy

The Old Navy outfit my younger daughter is wearing is actually for a little colder weather. Just in case you couldn’t tell. She insisted that she’d wear it and she really did on a steaming hot day in Jakarta. Brown is one of the autumn colors and the group of colors that my younger daughter looks good in is autumn according to the seasonal color analysis . She does look great in autumn colors and I absolutely love different tones of brown on her than various pinks.


My children’s posing with chopsticks, showing the back and dancing were entertaining. Silliness was in the air. Kids are interesting and their innocence and sense of humor are the source of my energy. Never a dull moment.


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    OMGoooosh Kaho! I just did a double take! You’re lil girl (middle on the first pic) had such an uncanny resemblance to you I had to take a look at it twice… no thrice! To make sure it wasn’t shrunken/little you!!! WOW.

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