New York ☆ FAO Schwarz

We walked into the FAO Schwarz thinking there was a place to eat. Our sweet friends wanted to pick a kid friendly place to eat and there used to be a cafeteria at FAO Schwarz, but apparently it no longer exists there. There were not many options around the area, so we ended up eating at a cafe right next to the store. After we ate, we walked back into FAO Schwarz.

What a fun store it is!!! It was like an amusement park version of a toy store. There are 3 stories and we saw two floors. We looked at some dress-up dresses. The section was overloaded with pink and purple. Our girls spent a good amount of time at the Big Piano section on the second floor. After their exercising on the piano, we walked around a little and saw a Barbie doll section. You can’t miss a Barbie section if you have a girl. It’s hard to believe how expensive some of the Barbie dolls are.

The Big Piano


Taking a Break

Our younger daughter got hungry as she was still sleeping when we went to the cafe, so I stepped outside to feed her. Healthy travel meal, french fries from the cafe for her. Sorry, daughter. My husband and our older daughter went on a mission to get some gummy candies due to my request. They were unbelievably expensive for candies, but don’t you think it’s a bit hard to pass up an opportunity to buy candies from the candy store like the one you find at FAO Schwarz? Divine.


    • says

      No… Just gummy candies! Everything looked so expensive, plus I can pretty much get what I want here in the DC area. The experience itself was so delightful that I didn’t feel the need to shop there. 😀

  1. Sophie's mom says

    I loved this store when I went one of them in CA. Isn’t it awesome? though next time, I will probably have two children with me who want to sleep over in the store. need good 2 hours? I cannot believe your craving for the candies since I don’t have American sweet tooth. Dress-up space is dengerous!! and LEGO space too. wait….. toy store + children= always dengerous for the parents!! get ready for spending some….. but how can I pass such a fun filled store? Especially through your pictures, this place is nothing but fun!

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