New Hair Style ☆ Wavy

This is my new look although my hair now might not look exactly the same since these photos were taken right after my hair was set by a hair stylist. In case you are wondering, I did not dye or highlight my hair. It’s my natural hair color. According to the hair stylist, my natural hair color is one of the ash brown colors. I assume darker shade of ash brown. After I gave birth to both girls, each time, my hair seems to have gotten lighter and slightly more wavy, but the waves were only in certain parts. Quite weird. I am happy that I permed my hair. It feels different! Now I have to go get hair styling foam.


  1. says

    Love the new hairstyle!!!! Saw you were looking for a product for the new style. When I actually take time to do something with these waves/curls, I love Redken Guts 10 (medium hold spray mousse) and Tri Hair Care’s Aerogel (for a light hairspray). Nothing sticky, gunky or heavy.

  2. Yoko says

    Kaho san,
    Cute hair!!!!!!!!! I bet it’s nice to have pretty mom (of course pretty wife too!) I enjoyed a lots looking your pretty style. I wish I have same wardrobe too.

  3. Ichiyo says

    Looking GREAT Kaho-san! You can find a good hairdresser wherever you move to – that is such a talent! I have NEVER been to a hairdresser in Barbados- I wait until I go back to Japan. I hope to find a good place wherever I move to next. Y-chan looks so cute, too!!

  4. Mia says

    Isn’t it funny how events in life can change things like hair color? Things you might think are permanent (until you go gray, anyway).
    My hair is naturally curly/wavy, and I’ve been letting it curl, since it’s between my ears and shoulders. I use virgin coconut oil in my hair to give the curls a little shine without being greasy, and to help eliminate frizz. It helps define the curls too. Best of all, it’s inexpensive and you can use it on your skin!
    Just be careful not to use too much. Start with a tiny bit (the size of a pea) and add more if you need it. Begin working it into the ends of your hair, and work up towards the top.
    Have fun with it, no matter which product you choose!

  5. says

    Dearest sweet Kaho, you look really beautiful and im loving your new hair style. :) Oh and i do adore your gorgeous top too. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

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    @Elisa Thank you! Yes, I was able to communicate with the dresser very well. Plus, she seemed to know what style would go well for me and we agreed. Easy! @Melissa, you’re sweet. Thanks! @The Stone Rabbit Thanks! I will definitely look for those products here! @Yoko Thank you. I don’t have many clothes in my wardrobe though!! :) @Macarena I’m not sure how often, but as lazy as I am, I probably won’t go back that often… I hope this can last for a while. I want to grow my hair a little more, too! @Ichiyo Awww. I always ask around and find out where to go get my hair cut. It can be tricky overseas, doesn’t it? @Mia Coconut oil? Really? I didn’t know! I’ll look for it. I wonder if it works as well for the permed hair. @Wini Thanks for visiting! I appreciate your visit! I’ll come visit yours soon! @Jacqueline Thanks! I hope you had a nice day, too!

  7. says

    It’s so weird that you just wrote to me, cause I was just thinking about you, and was heading over to your blog! Funny world!

    And do you know what? I went to the hairdresser today as well! I was just trimming it though. You look very pretty with your new look! I like it very much. I wish I had longer hair so I could do that too.

    You are both so cute!
    Hugs, Nina

  8. Chiharu Riley says

    I am glad your friends like your new look! We can try different style on next time if you want to try something new!

    By Kahosan’s hairstylist.

  9. says

    Love your new hairstyle Kaho and I really like the length of your hair in those shots too. Another beautiful top I wish was in my wardrobe as well!! :)


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