New Addition to Our Family ☆ Baby Boy!

Those of you who know that I was pregnant might have guessed the reason for my absence in the blog sphere. You’ve guessed right. I gave birth about two weeks ago. I also have been busy with visitors. My good friend and her son flew out to Singapore from Jakarta to spend some time with us. Then my friend from high school was in town. After that, my dad flew in to Singapore to help me out. On the same day as my dad’s arrival, good friends of ours also came in town from Jakarta for a medical reason and they stayed with us. After our friends from Jakarta left, one of my sisters flew in to help us for several days. It’s been hectic, but really fun and our dear family and friends cheered us up for sure.

Our baby’s due date was March 13, 2012. I came to Singapore from Jakarta (our current home) on February 3 to have a baby in Singapore. Despite my hope to keep the baby inside until March, on the night of February 29, 2012, I delivered our third child, a boy. I never even once imagined that I would give birth on a Leap Day.

The destiny took its course in the morning of February 29, Wednesday, at a regular check-up with my doctor in Singapore. I walked in and had a contraction stress test as usual before seeing the doctor. When I saw the doctor, I was informed that the baby’s heart beat slowed down for a prolong period of time during contractions and she would like the baby to be out. The gestation was already at 38 weeks. I spoke with my husband on the phone from the doctor’s office to ask if he and our first daughter who were in Jakarta could fly out to Singapore on February 29, When I found out that it was possible, everything started rolling. I was admitted to the hospital on the same day at 5:30 p.m., my husband and our first daughter got to the hospital at 7:30 pm, and our son was born at 11:41 p.m. that night. (My second daughter was with my dad.)

When I first learned that I had to be induced, I had a difficult time digesting the information. I knew in my head that labor does not always go as you plan and I should expect the unexpected. When the unexpected actually happened to me though, I felt very helpless and it took me a couple of hours to switch gear for the new path. At the same time, I was very excited about meeting our baby that night whom I spent 9 months together. Now the labor is behind me, I’m very happy that he was born healthy.

It’s been two weeks, but I’m still going through the post-delivery pain. The pain that strikes in your body like a lightning when a baby latches on. The pain down there that makes you uncomfortable to sit down. Giving birth is hard, but it’s worth it.






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    Congratulations Kaho & Co.!! I was always intimidated by the thought of having a boy, especially after I’d mastered the art of mothering girls. BUT, let me tell you, boys are so much fun and rank low on the daily drama-meter (IMHO). Now, I find it hard to remember what I was so scared of (I think it had to do with dating advice and prom shopping!).

    A really nice random lady once came up to as I held my baby boy and said, “Enjoy it. It gets better every day.” I’ve definitely found this to be true, so now I can confidently say the same to you 😀
    XOXO to you and yours!

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      That’s so nice to hear! I’m sure I’ll ask your advice about raising a boy. How funny our family followed the same family pattern as yours! I’m happy to have two girls and then a boy. I look forward to our baby boy’s development.

  2. June says

    Congratulations and blessings on bringing a life into this world. I pray God will bless your baby and your family

  3. Tina says

    Congratulations Kaho…… is a wonderful news. The girls must be happy to have a new sibling. Hope to see you once you are back in Jakarta. xoxo

  4. saori says

    こんにちは♪ 日本語のコメントも大丈夫かな??? ベビーちゃん すっごくかわいい~♪
    足とか手とか小さくて本当に一日眺めていても飽きないよね。 本当に自分一人だとまだ何も出来ない存在で守ってあげないと~と思うよね。 

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    Congrats on the birth of your son! He looks absolutely adorable, is that a dimple I spot in the first pic? :)

    Wishing your family good health always! *hugs*

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    Congratulations on the little prince after having two princesses in a row, Kaho!
    I knew that your coming post will be about the birth of your baby, and here it is! Glad you and the baby are all well. I’m getting married in April, so if God’s willing, pregnancy should be next in the agenda. So yes, please pray for me and wish us luck. ^_^

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

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      Thank you for visiting my blog and even leaving me with such a sweet comment! Congratulations to you, too! How exciting that you’re getting married! I wish you the very best of luck!!

  7. M. Tanaka, RN(wwww) says



    私は無事にNYのRN Licence 取ったよ。

    今はOnline で取れるBSNコースの手続き準備+ケニアの引越し準備に追われています。



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    Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy Kaho :) your lil girls must be thrilled with their baby brother. Would love to see a picture of them together. And you still look way too young & skinny to be a mum of 3.

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    Dear Kaho, So happy to see your baby boy!! very handsome indeed! you must be enjoying yourself with the newest man in your life 😀 and yes, you should take a family photos. Have a blessed day and congratulation once again!! can’t wait to read your blog for ur food adventure :)

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    imut -imutな男の子ですね♪♪♪

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    Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! When are you going back to JKT? Do you mind if I ask you what area you live in JKT? That’d be lovely if we live nearby :)

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      Thanks! We live in South Jakarta. We’re still in Singapore. I’ll be sad to leave Singapore, but looking forward to going back to Jakarta at the same time.

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