My Little Project ☆ Neon Frames From Informa

I would usually use this type of post for my Wednesday interior design column “Wednesday Wall2Wall”. Since I am taking an e-course Blogging Your Way and have homework to post on my blog, please allow me to post this today, Friday, the day when I usually post my “Friday Finds”. I have a few backlogs for my finds. Hopefully I will be able to post them in the near future.

Below is the before and after photos.

I was at Informa, the Indonesian furniture store, the other day and saw very affordable (prices range from IDR 18,000/US$1.8 to IDR 32,000/US$3.2 for 6×4 & 5×7 size frames) and cute neon color photo frames. For Jakarta, the city that does not have IKEA (as of October 2012), the products that Informa sells are about equivalent to IKEA in terms of prices and designs. As an avid IKEA fan though, I must say that there is no place like IKEA for furniture and decorative item shopping.

Anyways, these neon frames caught my eyes and I decided to use them to spruce up my kids playroom. Just by observing on Pinterest, Neon colors seem to be “the colors” to have this year. I figured that having frames with my family photos is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate a space.

Instead of having frames in the same colors and sizes, I thought that mixing the colors and sizes creates more fun and eclectic mood.

I have two big walls that are empty (the photos above and below) and thought I should decorate one of the walls with neon frames, but I feel reserved to make a bunch of holes on the wall to hang the frames. Therefore, my alternative was to put the frames on the shelves.

The frames feel light enough to use the removable hooks, so maybe I can use them to hang them on the walls.

What would you do?


  1. says

    YAAAAYYY to more neon! I love your playroom and really love the mix & match neon frames charges more fun and excitement in the space. Just perfect for it. And I’m soooo happy to hear that our Neon pinterest board had sparked some inspiration.

  2. says

    Oh! The playroom is looking really good 😀 I’m still in love with your sofa.. If you ever want to get rid of it, give me a shout! :)

    I’ve been frequenting Ace and Informa a lot lately too, so many things I want.. Argh! I need to put up pictures of my house one of these days :)

    • says

      Yeah? Glad you like my sofa! Me, too! We’re renting it… Too bad it doesn’t belong to us. I have other things I want to purchase from Informa… I have to make my way out there which is hard these days! Thanks for coming to visit me here!!

  3. padmaja says

    I went to the informa at Pasaraya and they have cool hooded bath towels with animals theme. I have one with a chicken which i got it as a gift from my brother in law friom New york . they have it on a offer buy 1 get 1 free for 180.000 thousand and they also have the best 70*70cm cushion covers and they are like 50,000 per cover i love their collection of table liner and tablemat. i got the coffee mug with silicon cover cos my family both me and my hubby are coffee lovers and i love to make coffee really hot and love to drink it very cold i know iam weird. it was on offer buy 1 get 1 free.

    at pasaraya, where they have the kfc i dont remember the exact floor number. they have a sale corner and they have a loads of goodies at reasonable price ranging from 14,000 to so on . i got a peacock note stick holder for 20k and i found the same product at debenhams at senayan city mall for 160k my god it was times *7 . they also have good luggage tags and cooking pan stacking stand in metal with powder coated black paint. it was $10 SGD still cheap. i wanted to get one stand for the lid iam looking for a wooden one. may be i can find one at singapore in bamboo.

    • says

      Wow, Padmaja, you are exploring Jakarta more than people who live in Jakarta!! Thanks for the information!! I was only aware of ACE Hardware at Pasaraya nad I didn’t even know that Pasaraya had informa! Thanks for the great information which will be helpful for other readers as well!

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