National Zoo in DC 2

I wrote about the National Zoo here about a week ago. My younger daughter and I had got to go there again with the same dear friend and her daughter this past week.

Why do kids love to push a stroller? It takes so much longer to walk!

We started off with an elephant area. There was an Asian elephant on the other side of the fence, but unfortunately he was busy eating and most of the time, we were looking at his behind. My little girl kept getting closer and closer to the fence as she couldn’t see his face! She was excited to see an elephant though!

Did you know that if you become a member of the Friends of National Zoo, you can get free animal crackers? I want to call my friend I went to the zoo with a “walking google” because she knows all these things that I have no idea! Anyways, she kindly gets an extra bag of crackers for us. Love them.

Emu was walking along the fence back and forth as if she was bored. I don’t know much about Emu other than they live in Australia and they are smaller than ostrich and the nature of this bird, but she didn’t look all that friendly to me. I wonder if she was or not. In the last picture above, don’t you think the girls look like they are talking to each other? I wonder what they are saying.

Panda was supposed to be the highlight, but then this panda was taking a nap! Hello!!! My girl kept saying “He seepin (is sleeping)” and wanted to stay there to keep looking at him, but it was getting crowded, so we left.

Raccoon was adorable. The soft hair made him look like he was a stuffed toy. My friend and I thought he kind of looked like a cat. Interesting…

Our girls were getting tired, so we decided to go to the small mammal house. As soon as we walked in, I noticed that the rim of my camera lens was missing. My lovely friend kindly offered to watch my girl so that I could track back my passage to see if I can find it. I was running as I was looking. It was all uphill. I’m sure people thought that I was a strange woman running in a zoo. I was thankful that I was looking for the rim of my camera lens and not my child. Can you imagine loosing a child in that gigantic zoo? I decided to stop looking because it should not be a big deal. My camera still works fine without it. It’s okay. I went back to my friend to release her from the baby sitting duty. As we walked out from the small mammal house, I saw those flowers. Couldn’t resist taking their photos.

The next day, I opened up my stroller. There it was, the rim of my camera lens hanging on the left handle of the stroller. I didn’t notice when I folded it at the zoo, opened it later, and folded it again at home on the same day. Strange thing happens sometimes. I wanted to jump up and down with joy when I saw the rim. A small thing like this can brighten up my day!


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    Free crackers?! Thanks for the tip!!!
    and can I tell you this again?; it’s time for us to buy a new camara! (i.e. your pictures look great!)

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