My Kids Are Growing

dress: gap kids sweater: Target

This white quarter length sleeve sweater has been one of the most practical items I bought for my daughter. It can go with so many outfits. Her dress is a halter top summer dress from gap kids and it is very cute. I found it online for sale last year and though my girl will love it. She looks good with bright colors. I did not take a photo of her without a sweater since it didn’t sit well with me to take pictures of her just with the dress. I’m not at all conservative when it comes to clothing and I don’t mind her wearing the dress without the sweater if we’re inside or at certain places, but I made her wear a sweater to go on a street because we live in a Muslim country and I wanted to pay respect even though she’s a child.

I bought these sandals at Kid’s Cottage, the Navy Fleet Gift Shop in Okinawa. I picked up this pair of sandals in a big size since my daughter loved the same sandals in a smaller size so much. It was two and a half years ago. At that time, they were gigantic on my first daughter, but finally they are just her size and she can wear them.

shirt: Kumikyoku Kids pants: Kumikyoku Kids

Kumikyoku is a Japanese fashion brand by Onward Kashiyama. It does not have a website for kids, but here’s Kumikyoku’s homepage for women’s collection. The site takes a while to download.

My youngest sister bought this outfit at Kumikyoku Kids for my first daughter when she was two. My older daughter wore it and now my younger one is big enough to wear it.

I can feel the time passing. My kids are growing.


  1. says

    Kaho, you have two beautiful daughters! I love both of their outfits. Beli also has a white cardigan, it goes perfect with a dress or jeans. You captured very sweet poses. You should really frame them. (at least to stop time for a moment). I know what you mean about kids growing up. *sigh*

  2. Katherine says

    Your daughters are absolutely gorgeous! You guys all dress so well all the time! Your older daughter looks more & more like you every day and your little one looks more like your hubby. You must have a lot of experience in photography. How do you take such beautiful pictures? The lighting is perfect too! Any pointers on how to use my digital SLR? I recently bought a Canon T1i and have no idea how to use it beyond the portrait point & shoot setting. LOL! Any pointers? Would love to learn some tricks from ya. I really enjoy reading your blog! :)

    • says

      Katherine! I enjoy reading your comments, so thank you!!! My photography is amateur and I still have a lot to learn and am still not so confident, so your words are encouraging.

      My friend, Meredith, taught me how to use an SLR on her camera and I applied the lessons to my point and shoot camera. Mine is sort of between point and shoot and SLR, but not SLR. Anyways, since I can’t send my friend or myself your way (^-^) (although I might not be helpful), here’s what I recommend to you. I learned some photography tips from this blog, WHITE ON RICE COUPLE, and I find this blog very helpful. Look on the right column, you will find “Photography Tutorials”. I would recommend learning about A. Exposure, B. Shutter Speed, C. Aperture, and D. ISO. I would set White Balance on Automatic. Exposure is a basic knowledge and concept to understand how light works in a camera. You might understand what’s written on the Exposure page better once you start shooting with different settings.

      My friend told me that using natural light is the best and very important when taking photos. Now I read more about photography I hear this all the time. Try to experiment taking photos right by your window, a little away, and further away from the window. You will see the differences. I usually take photos in the morning because I hear that’s the best time to take photos. The afternoon light has different shade from the morning light. Try different angles and see how light affects the outcome of photos.

      People use photoshop or other stuff to edit their photos. This makes a big difference. I use iphoto a lot since it’s easy for me. If you don’t have photoshop, picnik is a good site for photo editing. Try it. I hope this is helpful!

  3. says

    Great pictures and lovely daughters! I haven’t seen the eldest I think. They are so ADORABLE!! 😀
    Awsome light in the photos too!
    smile! I’ll see youi in bahasa

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