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If you’ve been around Chuzai Living, you might recall my post My Friend, Meredith. Mere is the founder of “Okinawa Hai!” which I took part in as a writer for about a year or so when I lived in Okinawa. She is the one who exposed me to the blog world and guided me through my first experience as a ‘blogger’. She is also a phenomenal photographer. She took numerous photos of my daughters and us as a family during the four years we had lived close from each other, two in Okinawa and two in Virginia.

I remember how I felt, almost a bit of a panicky thought that hit my mind, when it registered in my head that the time for our move from Virginia was fast approaching and I realized that she would no longer take our girls’ photos once we move away. I was spoiled for 4 years. That’s why I learned how to take photos on Manual with an SLR camera from her even though I don’t own one yet. But you know what? I can learn the functionality of a camera, but the talent and the eyes are something you just can’t pick up from lessons. I’ve always been blown away by the photos she posts on her facebook account.

She recently started a blog. Again! I cannot tell you how excited I was to find out that Meredith started writing again. On her own blog. She is a wonderful, witty writer. Do pay a visit to her blog. You will know what I mean.

Meredith’s Blog:

しばらくChuzai Livingをご存知の方は、「友人メレディズ」という記事を読んだ覚えがあるかもしれません。彼女が私に初めてブログを教えてくれ、ブロガーとしての初めての経験を手を取って案内してくれました。お互い近くに住んでいた4年間、娘達の成長のぶりを写真を沢山写真に残してくれ、また家族の写真も多く撮ってくれました。




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  1. says

    Kaho, she is very talented. I like that she takes her camera everywhere. that’s a true photographer or should I say blogger in our case?LOL ..So I’m thinking of purchasing a Nikon nothing too fancy, but if I’m going to enter that photo contest I need something to compete against the professionals and the photography students. LOL

  2. says

    Kaho, you are so kind to me! You are a heck of a talented lady. Get your hands on a dslr! I’d love to see the magic you would do! Miss you tons. xoxo.

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