My Daughter’s Surgery

I am writing because I’m addicted to blogging. No, no, no. That’s what my husband says (and I can’t deny it…), but I’m writing right now because I want to thank my family, friends and readers who sent heartwarming messages and well wishes for my younger daughter. Thank you so much, everyone!!

She had a surgery in Singapore on June 8, Wednesday. My husband and our daughter had been in Singapore since last Sunday. I flew out there in the evening of June 7, Tuesday to join them for the surgery right after I found out the schedule for it. The surgery went well and our little girl is doing fine. Three of us flew back to Jakarta today, June 10, Friday and we were reunited with our first daughter.

I’d like to write about the process of decision-making and our experience with our daughter’s surgery when I have more time. I’d like to share our story because it might be even of a little help for some other parents who are in the same situation as ours. I’ll do my best to find the time.

Thank you again. It was a week full of love. Your love gave us strength.





The morning of the surgery. 手術の日の朝。

Can you tell how big the ganglion was? ガングリオンの大きさが分かりますか?

She had to be put on a bed with wheels before leaving her room. At this point, she still wasn’t aware of what was happening.

This was a few minutes before she freaked out. She started to get scared. びっくりする数分前。怖いと思い始めるように。

The surgery took place. My daughter came out of the anesthesia all disoriented. She was screaming, kicking and acting like she was going to throw up. This photo above shows that she finally fell asleep after an hour-long crying.

All better now! 良くなりました!

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    So glad she’s all over it and you both can relax. Anesthesia is funny…I have two daughters and one came out crying and the other came out laughing. That’s just the way it is. She probably doesn’t remember coming out of it (hopefully).

    It’s the hardest thing to see your child being wheeled away and put into someone else’s hands for care. Looks like you all did remarkable well!

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      Thanks. My hubby and I felt such a relief. How interesting your girls had completely different reaction!! It was hard to see my child being wheeled away…

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    Glad that the surgery went well. I had my big surgery in Singapore also last time, it was for my right lung removal. I’m glad that you chose to do the procedure there since it’s much more efficient compare to the procedure in Jakarta. And I wish your daughter speedy recovery.

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      Oh my, did you have your right lung removed..? I’m glad it went well. I trust the Singapore medical care, but it was still hard to make that decision. I agree. It was much more efficient in Singapore. It was incredible.

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    Kaho, I can’t imagine how you felt as a parent to see your daughter crying. Beli only got immunizations and I was a nervous reck wanting to cry along with her. Like you said, parenting is not for the faint of heart. You are stronger than you think. Glad to see the last photo of her and I’m sure she is happy to be back home and reunite with her big sister!

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    A huge relief it all went well :) She’s a champion and deservers a huge treat after! Kids forget the pain soon after, really.
    I remembered when I was about 5, I fell chin down on a hard floor while playing with my cousins, and had to be stitched up (a tear under my chin) without painkiller/ anaestethic, I freaked and my mum nearly fainted, Lol. Ok well it wasn’t funny back then 😉

  5. Lily says

    Hello, Kaho san. I should have stopped by at your blog earlier but I couldn’t due to the schedule.

    I am so sorry to read what had happened to your little daughter but was glad to read that she got all better! I don’t have kids so I don’t really know how the parents would have to make a right decisions for loved kids. The only thing I could knew is that her smile above tells you and readers that you made the best decision!

    I used to have my blog but not now. But I am preparing for the complete new blog with the new concept soon! I will paste the link as soon as I am ready for you and my friends to drop by:-)

    I am not sure if you still remember me. I made comments on your article talking about restaurants in Jakarta. I happened to have my boyfriend there so your articles remind me of every single thing and memory in Jakarta (we decided to quit the relationship after 3 years of long distance relationship…., but I am moving on and his maybe the why I waned to stet out the new blog).

    I will stop by again!
    Look forward to looking at your lovely daughters’ pics and stories which I always enjoy reading.


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    Kaho, I am so sorry to read about what you’ve been through and I hope everything is fine now! I am not spending much time on the blogosphere lately so I am not up to date with the latest events ut I wish your little one a super speed recovery…as a mum myself I can imagine how hard it was to go through this! Love to u all!

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    aw, she is such a strong girl! you must be so proud of her for going through surgery. im sure your family is all relieved and doing much better now that it’s over!

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    Kaho, I really sorry I just know about your daughter surgery today. I really glad things went well, I understand as a mother feeling sometime is unbearable to see our loves one at the hospital. Please take care.


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