Movie Premiere in Jakarta ☆ EAT PRAY LOVE

My husband and I received invitations to go to the premiere for “Eat Pray Love” in Jakarta last night. It was part of the Balinale Movie Festival. It was my first experience of a movie premiere.

Amy, a friend of mine, was also at the premiere. She blended in well with the celebrity crowd. She’s wearing a dress she bought in Jakarta. I will definitely have to check out the store!!

I think many women have already read the book. I read the book with my book club 3 years ago when I still lived Okinawa. I was excited to see the movie and wondered how the words in the book would be transformed into a motion picture. The visual aspect of the movie was fabulous. As a fan of traveling, I was fascinated to see three countries in one movie. It felt like I was on a trip with Liz. I have never been to Italy or India and although I live in Indonesia with my husband and our kids, I have not been to Bali yet. (Just in case some people don’t know, Bali is one of the islands of Indonesia.) The movie definitely made me want to go to Bali (and Italy and India as well, of course), but I hear that the prices in Bali have already gone up, so I might have to wait a little until things calm down.


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    How exciting Kaho!! I read the book a few months back and am really looking forward to seeing it when it comes out in Australia. I think the movie will be great visually and as you say, it will be great to see all three countries on the screen. How wonderful you were able to go to the premiere!! Amanda x

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      Thanks for leaving me a comment! The movie is entertaining in different ways. The movie did a good job of visualizing the written story.

  2. Eri A. says

    Hi Kaho! I just saw this movie last week and loved it. I also felt as if I were traveling with Liz in those countries. Please post the pictures of yourself from the premiere night! I am sure you looked fabulous.

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      I actually don’t have a picture of myself! I took a few photos of the venue and some people and that was it. We were there for my hubby’s job, so you know how it is… :)

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    How exciting to attend a premiere of Eat, Pray, Love! I agree that the cinematography was stunning in this movie. You should definitely go to Bali when you can. I went there two years ago and I loved it! The architecture, scenery and people are beautiful. Wini

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