Monday Mode ☆ Pink n’ Fluffy & Gold

My friend gave this lovely pink skirt to my daughter and I love it. I want one for myself although as turning 37 soon, I would not look good in it. I want my girl to wear it all the time.

So, I grabbed my camera and went outside to take photos of my daughter in the outfit. My daughter cracks me up. I think this posing habit is my influence. She poses every time I point a camera to her.



I want these sandals for myself although gold is not my color.

My daughter loves swings. I did when I was a child and still do.

The girls loved playing on a seesaw together. It was not all that easy for me to take photos of them in action. I need to explore and learn more about what ISO to use with what shutter speed for movement as fast as this in a certain lighting.

I love the age of 4 when they are still pure and sweet. They are more social than 3-year-olds and still play with children of opposite gender. Their conversation is funny and cute. I find the innocence of this age is something special. These girls truly enjoy each others company. It is sweet to see that.

Unfortunately, my daughter’s friend is moving to another country. This is the tough part of living an expat life as the environment is fluid. It’s easier for adults than kids to face those changes. You meet great people and make great new friends. It is exciting (and energy draining at the same time, which is another story), but at the same time, your mind knows that if there is a beginning, there is an end. Not necessarily to the friendship, but in our life style, sometimes it feels like out of sight, out of mind.

I wanted to talk about pink and fluffy and gold for girly outfit, but it somehow ends up being more sentimental. I wonder why.





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    I love the shirt as well! something Beli would wear. Kaho. I will have to agree with you about being 4 and being more social. Beli’s imagination and creativitiy amazes me. If only we lived closer our daughters would be the best of friends! Your kids will have wonderful memories. (I still look at some of my photos from our life in Croatia and I get nostalgic thinking of all the new people I met and the places we saw)….I think blogging is a great tool to have, as it helps us to capture those life moments that may quickly pass us by. Glad you are posting more often and sharing your journey with us!

    ps. had a difficult time leaving a comment. Couldn’t remember my password??

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      Hi! Thanks for leaving me your comment! Was it hard to leave a comment? You had to put a password…? If there is anything I could do on my side, please let me know.

      I agree with you that blogging is a great way to capture life time moments and feelings that I would’ve probably passed and eventually forget otherwise.

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