Monday Mode ☆ My Little Girls

dress: Target (gift), sandals: Target

dress: Target, sandals: Target

dress: Baby Gap

shirt: Children’s Place, shorts: Target

Since I have taken so many photos of my girls in the past year, they now naturally pose when I point my camera at them. Sometimes I have to bribe them to let me take their photos though especially my older one. It is comical to see my younger girl pose in front of a camera because she pretends like a model. To me she is, but not for real. I like to take photos in the morning and the only time I have with my older daughter is the time before she gets picked up by her school bus really early in the morning. She’s not always in her best mood for a photo shoot and I don’t blame her. The photos of my older daughter in the middle above was taken when she was doing chicken dance. My girls keep me entertained.



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  2. Amory Sotto-Busalla says

    Fab animal prints! Your girls can pass for pros :)
    Btw, I checked out Magnolia in Senayan City this morning (inspired by your blog of course!) and scored a nice dress worth less than Rp 100k! That definitely put me in a great Monday Mode :)

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