Monday Mode ☆ Blue Tube Top ZARA Dress

dress: ZARA, sweater: H&M, belt: NINE WEST, necklace: H&M, shoes: Tanah Aban

Hello Monday! Today is my Monday Mode! I’m going back to my regular routine posts little by little now I’ve posted quite a bit about our traveling in Vietnam. I hope you’re not tired of seeing so many photos from Vietnam since I still have some more posts about our Vietnam trip.

Now about my Monday Mode topic, I bought this dress from ZARA at Pondok Indah Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia. You can see the photo of my trying out this dress at ZARA’s dressing room here. I don’t know if I was allowed to do that, but I didn’t see no photo sign, so I went ahead. Could I get myself in trouble…?

Anyways, this is the only blue dress I own and one of the few tube top dresses I have in my wardrobe. Everybody has a complex about his/her body, I believe. Right? I do. I have several, and one of them is the size of my chest. I’m a surfboard. For me to wear a tube top is a bit tricky, but I still do. Even though I have to keep pulling it up when I wear it! I added a white sweater to cover a little more of my skin to pay respect as I live in a Muslim country.

I purchased the sandals at Tanah Aban, the well-known whole sale shopping center in Jakarta. It says “Austin”, but I have never heard of the brand Austin. Have you? Please don’t zoom into the sandals as you can probably tell that they are cheaply made! I like the design with wedge soles and ankle straps. The ankle straps are made with elastic materials which I thought were comfortable and they are, but the zippers in the back kind of hurt the back of my ankles. I’m getting used to them though.

I don’t know what it is, but I think owls have been popular lately whether the products being jewelry, wall decal, stuff toy or a movie. Yes, we saw The Legend of the Guardians that felt like the owl version of The Lord of the Rings. I find owl products very cute and I bought this owl necklace at Tanah Aban, the wholesale store in Jakarta. The earrings are from my very good friend. She is from Spain and brought me back these earrings when she went to visit her family there. My only Flamenco earrings! I love them.


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    Kaho, I totally get it about the zipper closure! I have shoes from Pedro which is ok genuine leather shoe store and the zipper still hurst in the back. Sometimes I just don’t close it hehe.

    I’ve never been to Tanah Aban! Please let me know next time you go! I would love love love to go with you! =D

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    The blue dress is gorgeous! I love Zara!
    Where did you buy your black and white sweater btw? It´s very nice.
    Love the earrings and the owl too – you have a great style! I need to get myself some new clothes!
    Hugs, Nina

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    You are so so cute!! And I am of the opinion that it’s better to be a surf board when wearing tube tops because if you have anything they just want to fall down and look bad. Ohhh well. My weekend was good!! Went out and did some dancing :)

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