Monday Mode ☆ Vietnamese Ao Dai

My girls love their new dress-up outfits from Vietnam, Ao Dai (pronounced Ao Yai in the south and Ao Zai in the north), the Vietnamese national costume.

I had always had an image of women in Vietnam in a white ao dai with a traditional hat riding bicycles in the city before having visited in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City. I must have seen some old photos of Vietnam. In contrast to my image, I saw many women dressed up in western clothes in Saigon/HCMC as well as Hoi An. You do spot women in ao dai, but it seemed to me that they were a uniform. Ao dai is very pretty. I love the way the dress flows as a woman wearing it walks. It looked very graceful.

Ao dai makes a great keepsake for kids. I bought them at Ben Thanh Market, very well-known market in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City that attracts a ton of tourists. I will have to have another post about my experience at the market. Just for your information, our Vietnamese friend said she got an “ao dai” for around $5, so I had that in my mind when I negotiated. The quality is not impressive (I already had to mend some), but for the price, I didn’t mind it.


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    I really love your pics on the site.Ao dai is the most beautiful dress for the Vietnamese’s girls and women. I think they would be most comfortable to wear for any body shape although they do look very good on the slim Vietnamese women. Your girl so cute…!! :)
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      Thanks!! Ao dai is very pretty and they sure look beautiful on Vietnamese women. We saw more modern fashion in Ho Chi Minh City and didn’t see as many women in Ao dai during our trip.

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