Monday Mode ☆ Kids Fashion and Versatile Picks

sandals: Cherokee
Pink is not my favorite color, but my daughters both love the color. I tend to pick any shoes or sandals in a pink color because of that and since they already have so many clothes in different shades of pink, I find it practical to pick pink shoes or sandals in a sense that I can coordinate clothes with them easily. I’m all about versatility when it comes to my kids outfits.
boots: Xhilaration at Target, T-shirt: CHEROKEE at Target, skirt: CHEROKEE at Target
My daughter loves this cow girl boots. The hot weather in Jakarta doesn’t stop her from wearing them.
dress: kids generation, shoes: Circo at Target, rubber band: Habicap
This is a dress our dear friend gave to our second daughter. It is so adorable and she loves it. The head band flower is a Bali Crochet bought from Habicap. The flower looks adorable on my daughter’s head. The pink shoes she’s wearing are her favorite shoes. Who wouldn’t like shiny pink shoes? Believe it or not, they go well with many outfits.
Capri jeans: Mossimo, t-shirt: Billie Girl at Bula, sandals: Xhilaration
The Capri jeans are from the same friend who gave my second daughter a dress shown above. These Capri jeans goes with many t-shirts, so they are super practical. The shirt was a gift from my husband’s friend and it’s from his surf shop in Aruba called Bula. We’ve been wanting to go visit them in Aruba, but we haven’t been able to.
head-piece: gift from a bride for being a flower girl at my husband’s cousin’s wedding
My girls love this headband. Because of cream color, it goes with many outfits that my girls have. I want to buy more of these since it’s getting a bit worn out, but I haven’t found a store for a headband with flowers in Jakarta. Do you know any?


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      Hi, Southfeast!! Thanks for leaving me the comment! I haven’t seen that page, but I follow Emersonmade tweets and blog! She’s so talented!!! I have to check if Tanah Abang has flowers at the craft section. When will you be back in big ol’ Jakarta? Fancy going out there with me? :)

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    I love your older girl’s pink floral sandals and the lil one’s dotted dress with the pretty sash. These are the youngest fashionista’s ever! & they have great taste already.

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    Forever 21 in Grand Indonesia has a wide range of accessories, headbands, belts, etc. It’s slightly pricey but it’s okay to look for inspirations right? ^^

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