Monday Mode ☆ J.Crew Kids Ruffle and Bow

shirt (left): J.Crew Kids, pants: CHEROKEE at Target, shirt (right): J.Crew Kids, jeans bermuda pants: OLD NAVY
skirt: CHEROKEE at Target, shirt: J.Crew
dress: J.Crew, shirt: J.Crew, skirt: CHEROKEE at Target
Jump! Jump!
Shake your bootie!

Here comes Monday Mode! I would not be able to afford J.Crew unless they are on clearance, but I’m lucky in a sense that my family in Japan loves to splurge on my girls (as my girls do not have any competitions) and like to buy them J.Crew clothes. I love J.Crew and happy to receive summer clothes from J.Crew. I’ve done this to a J.Crew sweater my older daughter got from my family. Oh, I felt horrible.

Do you like the colors? I taught my sisters that my older one looks good in summer/spring colors and my younger one looks good with autumn colors, so they got t-shirts according to my girls’ colors. Well done! I got the purple ruffle shirt for my second child and my sisters gave my first child the ruffle dress almost in the same color. They looked cute together in almost matching outfits. I combined the J.Crew shirts with a white CHEROKEE skirt which was only $10. Don’t you think they go well together? Gotta love CHEROKEE.

Have a great week!!


  1. Ayako says

    いつもかわいいよね。クレジットのCherokee at Targetを見て、私は今回ハワイでTargetに行ったぐらい、毎回参考にして楽しみにしています。ちなみに、モナリザも日本で買ったことあるけど、とっっても高いけど、日本製にはないかわいらしさだよね。

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