Monday Mode ☆ H&M simple dress

dress: H&M, camisole: gossip, necklace and bracelet: Bijoux Iridescent

My three-year-old took those photos for me. I kind of like them.

necklace and bracelet: Bijoux Iridescent

This is one of my favorite dresses I own. I love how the fabric feels. I fell in love with it when I saw it at H&M last year. I miss H&M. There is no H&M in Jakarta. Would love for it come.


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    Hi Kaho, hope you’ve had a nice weekend. I really love this dress of yours – the colour is beautiful and the way it falls is so elegant – I like the soft pleats at the bottom. Your daughter takes perfect photos for your Monday Mode posts. Your bracelet is stunning too.

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    I love the pleating on your dress. It’s channeling a more sophisticated Marilyn Monroe. You have to come to Bandung for H&M! I just picked up a cute H&M dress yesterday at an outlet for Rp. 90,000. This place will be the death of my wallet.

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        Kaho I think there is one h&m outlet at ambassador mall in the central Jakarta. I would recommend you to visit this place as many people review says a lot of cheap pitches and factory outlet store and. Grocery store. Is in that mall. I haven’t been there yet.

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          Really???? I am excited to know that! I have been to the Ambassador mall, but have never seen an H&M outlet. It’s a big mall, so I could have just missed it. It’s more like all the stores have outlet items from different brand names, so you kind of have to dig and invest your time in finding items. I’ll have to go check out the Ambassador mall for H&M!

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    Today i went to ambassdor mall and it was very crowded as i read from other reviews.It was already about 4 pm. i went there with my two kids. I had to priortise my shopping areas. I Dint know where was carrefour some one asked me to take the lift to go to basement and i was lost in the carpark and managed to shop my grocery stuff. You know i love grocery stores like giant , carrefour. i love to see the products they have it on the shelf so it took me nearly one hour to check out. I bought a cute Tableware in pure white with a lid to serve Briyani or pulav for my daughters birthday party.I picked the big one from the display it was about 240k i guess. Still cheap compared to Singapore, the same would have cost me about 80 to 90 S$.But i managed to buy that for 30+ dollars.

    I will post the picture on my blog soon. I also found a good cheap place for beads and swaroski crystals on the same mall where the carrefour is.I will post it on my blog too with the pictures. They have all the tools for making beaded jewellery. I think Diplomatic wife blogger will love that place too. I had no time to go around that mall to explore other things. I am planning for another trip to ITC ambassdor by this week.

    Wow in about 2 weeks i have done almost all the major shopping i wanted to do. I think i will go bankrupt before i go back to Singapore. I did buy a lot of dress for my daughter and loads of beads don’t know what am i going to do with that.

    I am also now into writing my review on the indonesian brand instant noodles. so that i can ask my mom in law who is going to be here for another 3 years to buy me back singapore.

    If you want anything from Singapore you can write to me i can pass it to her cos she will be visitng me atleast once or twice a month.

    she will be coming back to jakarta by 15 or 16 july after my daughters birthday party.

    some info about the main H&M outlet in jakarta.

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      Wow, you went to Ambassador with your kids!! How fun! I’m glad to know that you were able to find bargains. I was shocked to know how expensive everything was in Singapore because when I lived there 20 years ago, it wasn’t the case. I look forward to seeing your reports on your blog!! Thanks also for the link about H&M in Jakarta!

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        Hey kaho I went second time to ambassador mall for buying some software CDs and it is not the h& m store it is h @ e store which has kids clothes I got disappointed when I found out or was h& e. I found shoes were damn cheap there like 1 sandal cost 120 k and 3 for 200 and awesome here. I always do my shoe shopping in jb Malaysia and it is half the price in Singapore. I find ambassador mall quite similar to far east shopping mall in orchard road. Kaho next time u plan to visit Singapore let me know I know some places cheap to find good stuff like cutlery and baking stuff and I’m a big time fan of factory outlet sale which I think I’m going to add in my blog . I haven’t even done a single post on my blog. Infancy I shot more pic of shops and items they had on the shop more than I shot my kids pictures during my Jakarta trip.ost likely for my kids september holiday I may come back to Jakarta. Hope to meet u at that time.

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