Monday Mode ☆ Hello Kitty boots, Tutu and girly-ness

skirt: Target, shirt: OLD NAVY, sweater: Target, rain boots: gift

My daughter got a pair of Hello Kitty rain boots as a birthday gift from her best friend. They are perfect for here as it feels like it rains almost everyday in Jakarta since we arrived in July. It’s not normally like this according to the locals and long-term expats. My daughter combined the boots with a pink tutu, camisole and a sweater. I quite like it.

shirt: OLD NAVY, skirt: Target

She has become a picky dresser like her older sister and throw fits if she doesn’t get to wear what she envisioned that morning. Crazy… She’s only 3!! Sometimes I successfully convince her to wear what I pick. Do I have a trick? Not really.

Just a note: I will not have an access to my computer for a while. I have scheduled to post, so you’ll keep seeing my new posts, but I will not be able to moderate comments for a while. I apologize for the inconvenience.


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