Monday Mode ☆ Batik Dresses For Girls

batik: Jogjakarta
Frangipani flower head clip: Chatuchak Weekend Market batik: Jogjakarta
batik: Jogjakarta
sandals: genuinekids @ Target

Batik is a type of fabric dyed with wax-registent technique in Indonesia. I have exchanged email messages with the writer of Sweet Batik, a blog written by an Indonesian lady who has batik business and she has a beautiful collection on her business site. Check out here if you are interested in seeing more batik patterns.

I have posted about my older daughter’s batik dress before. In terms of design, I really like this dress which I found at Pasaraya. I saw my friend’s daughter wear a dress with the same design bought in Jogjakarta, so I hope to find some there, too, when I have a chance to visit. The dresses on this post are all souvenirs from Jogjakarta when my husband went there on business. I think he did a great job picking out dresses for our girls. Don’t you think?

If you want to shop for batik, it seems that Jogjakarta is the place to go. The dresses my husband purchased in Jogja (Jogjakarta) are all very inexpensive (US$5-8) and I hear that there are so many selections there. I am yet to visit Jogjakarta and I cannot wait to go. Many people go to visit Jogja to see Borobudur. If you ever have a chance to come to Indonesia, you should try to include Jogjakarta in your itinerary.

I would love to buy a batik dress for myself, but many batik colors I have seen are autumn colors and unfortunately for me, I do not look good in autumn colors. According to the color analysis, I should wear summer colors. I was looking at Sweet Batik’s collection and saw several summer colors, so I hope to find something that looks good on me.


  1. Kiki says

    They look sweet on your girls. Yes you should go to Jogjakarta, even batik can be cheaper than US$5-8 if you negotiate well enough. There’s a traditional market in Jogjakarta where batik is the main products they sell, batik are all over the place in the market so i’m sure you will find your color there. Wish you have a chance to go there soon, it’s a lovely city.

    • says

      I would love to go to the traditional market in Jogjakarta! Wish me luck! I hope so, too. I cannot wait to see Borobudur. I’ve seen amazing photos.

  2. says

    Dear Kaho,

    Thank you so much for featuring Sweet Batik on your blog. Yes, I don’t really good either on Autumn colors. By the way, we’re currently working on children clothes collection too :)

    Yogyakarta is a nice city to visit. We used to go once a year when we’re still little. They have different kind of Batik fabrics that we use at Sweet Batik. Our Batik fabrics are mainly from West Java. Make sure to soak & hand wash them separately before first use & check the sewing quality.

    Just wondering, if they open Borobudur & other temples nearby, by now? I enjoyed visited Ratu Boko temple as well, which located in higher altitude where you can see beautiful scenery, include Borobodur too from there..

    Dina @

  3. says

    Wow your husband did good! He has awesome taste! Yes I love shopping in Yogya because batik is sooooo cheap there compared to Jakarta. My husband gets nice shirts for about 12usd! Crazy right? I got a pure silk batik (bronze colored and no design except for the pattern produced in the way the silk was woven) for 70usd. This is usually worth at least 200usd in some outlet stores. Will be posting loads on yogya soon because I just came back after an entire week there. You will absolutely love it there. So much to see, eat and buy! I always have a list of things to buy when I am there: batik, monggo chocolate (they make REALLY good ones), a painting or 2 and LULUR!! Anyway will share more in my blog soon!

    @Sweet Batik yes borobodur is open to the public already. Some of our delegates went but I didn’t go this time because I’ve already been 3x. Our ambassador even went to see Mt. Merapi! Whoa!

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