Moment of Realization As a Parent

When it comes to parenting, I don’t think about myself being a parent all the time even though facing my kids’ tantrum is a daily routine and I spend a lot of time with my kids at home. Tantrums and mundane repetitions do not bring me to realize “wow, I’m a parent.” Moment of realization came, in my most recent experience, when I was in an auditorium with bunch of other parents and I saw my own child on the stage performing. My husband was on my side video taping and I was snapping away even though all the photos looked pretty much the same.

I was thinking to myself it wasn’t so far in the history of my life that I was in my daughter’s position (although I’m thinking about high school and my child is in kindergarten) and I was doing what I remembered my parents had done for me. I remember the excitement of knowing that my parents came to watch me perform at different events throughout my school years. It is strange and wonderful at the same time that now my own child has grown up to that stage.

The baby who got the first stomach virus at 6 months and could not stop throwing up, who stood in a big puddle of her own pee at age 2 and a half when we were shopping, who threw a tantrum in public and I nearly walked away with embarrassment, was standing in front of a big audience. The past shy of 6 years were not easy for me, but when I felt my own child’s growing, I didn’t even reflect on the hard times. I was thinking “it’s crazy that the girl standing among the students there is my child!” I don’t miss my older daughter being a baby. I had enough of it. No, I won’t say that! That’s mean. I remember fondly of her baby and toddler stage and she was cute and I felt like I could not get enough of her. True, but seeing her grow up is even better! I hope I will be able to live the moment and appreciate the moment at every stage of my daughters’ development.

This is my daughter’s teacher. She is from Sri Lanka and I thought that she looked stunning in her dress. I love seeing native costumes from all over the world.

My younger daughter and her little best friend who is half Senegalese and half American.


My daughter’s yukata, summer kimono, was purchased at UNIQLO in Japan. I believe that the summer kimono, are usually out in stores only during summer. You might find some yukata at department stores though. For shopping women’s or kids yukata, my personal preference is UNIQLO for their designs as well as reasonable prices. I am already thinking about next summer when I go visit my family in Japan, I have to go check out UNIQLO for more!


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    awwww. I’m getting emotional reading your words, I know what you mean about the different stages, and then I see your photos and your daughters are so so beautiful with their kimono, I can’t stop smiling. Is there more than one type of kimono?

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    hey kaho, you shd be so proud of yourself! your girls are lovely and beautiful and i’m sure you’re a great mum :) i’m full of admiration for mums, don’t think i cld be as mature as some of my friends who have kids now.. it’s definitely a tough job and u definitely seem to be doing a great one!

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    Your girls look adorable and I can imagine how proud you must have been watching your daughter on stage. I am often a bit sad that my little Grace is growing so quickly but I guess as she grows, there will be lots of milestones and proud moments to look forward to.

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