Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ My Belgian Friend’s Modern Home

Kids Room


My daughter and I were invited to be at my Belgian friend’s home for a play date. I loved the modern architecture of the house and had big windows which allowed much natural light to come into the rooms. Many pieces of the furniture at her home were purchased in Thailand, her family’s previous home. As you can see, the furniture in the living and dining room were modern, chic and beautiful. They were original and unique as well. The sofa has a bookshelf around it which I thought was really neat. I’ve never seen a design like that.

I love visiting people’s homes. It’s nice to see how people from different parts of the world like to live and decorate. I get inspirations from seeing my friend’s home and now I want to go out and shop for more items to decorate my home!


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    I came across a post where they featured sofas with bookshelves built around it. I like the idea. saves space! neat kid’s room, I like the colors, bright and colorful.

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    Kaho I love love love it! Especially that neat multi-purpose couch! Such an efficient use of space and you know me I love clean modern lines! I also adore the acrylic (?) and wood dining chairs and the childrens room is decorated. Sigh. So inspiring! Yes it makes me wanna shop! LOL!

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    I really like the furnitures, especially the sofa and the kids bed… Loving the idea of a bookshelf all around the sofa! did she purchase it in Thailand too?
    I want to get started with wall decal too, loving the balloons <3

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