Friday Finds ☆ Miniapolis Indoor Playground at FX Jakarta, Indonesia

Since it’s Friday, I thought this might interest some families who have young children. In Jakarta outdoor public playgrounds that are in good condition for little kids to play are almost non-existent. There are playgrounds in the city, but you hardly see children play there. It makes me long for the wonderful parks and play grounds in Okinawa, Japan and fun parks in and near Arlington, Virginia for example Clemyjontri Park.

However, the great thing about Jakarta is that there are many fun, entertaining indoor playgrounds (there are a few outdoor ones) with an admission fee all over the city, which is wonderful. Here I’m introducing you to Miniapolis at Fx in Jakarta. Fx is a hip modern shopping center in the heart of Jakarta in the Senayan area.

The entry fee for each kid was something like Rp. 95,000 ($10+) and for adult was Rp. 20,000 ($2.2). The prices stay the same throughout the week. The craft area has separate programs for kids and each program has different fees.

My kids absolutely loved playing at Miniapolis. I think the kids around 3-6 would probably enjoy this the best. For older kids, Lollipops in Senayan City might be more entertaining.

1. Socks
You must bring socks for children as well as adults and if you don’t, you will have to purchase a pair for everyone who’s entering.
2. Bathing Suit
The water area is so fun for kids to run around in swim suit. You can check out the raincoat, but your kids still get wet. Once your kids get wet, they can’t go back in the playground area until they are all dry.

Giant Slide inside of Fx

I’ve heard about ATMOSTFEAR, a super long indoor slide at Fx from my friends and I have wanted to try. I was there with my friend, Kara and her girls on a Saturday. The fee to go down the slide on weekend and public holiday was Rp. 150,000 ($17). You must be kidding! Her older daughter and my older one insisted on trying it, but they were too short to try. Oh, too bad. The long slides at outdoor playgrounds in Okinawa you can use for free all of the sudden feel like luxury.

After the hard playing, we all were thirsty, so we walked to a cafe and I ordered this green tea latte. I thought it was good, but then after a few sips, I heard the sound the straw made which indicated that I already got to the bottom of the glass. What? I looked at the glass and I saw the glass all filled with ice.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures of Miniapolis. Have a great weekend!!


  1. says

    Hi Kaho, what an amazing indoor playground – Grace would absolutely love playing there and the water playground looks great too. Sorry I haven’t commented lately and have disappeared – I really appreciate all your kind comments you’ve left for me on my blog. I’m feeling a bit better now. Enjoy your weekend with your beautiful girls.

  2. says

    Haha I can totally relate to the drink being filled with ice! I notice that in most of the establishments here! So whenever I order I ask for only very little ice – I tell them my throat hurts or something *wink wink!*

  3. phyllis cartin says

    love the pics and the info. I am Roxy and Clios’ grandma in Tucson, Az. U.S.A. Please add me to your list of updates. Keep up the grreat work. Your pictures are beautiful.
    phyllis cartin

  4. says

    What a nice indoor playground, the price is a bit expensive for my budget. Anway, you’re right about how bad the condition of public outdoor playgrounds in Jakarta, not just in big cities but smaller cities as well! I feel so bad how the kids here in Indonesia couldn’t really enjoy the fun of learning by play, because decent (free) public outdoor playgrounds are very very hard to find! This is the reason why I always wanted to start a “Public Playground” Project in Indonesia. And off course it will be a “Smoking Free Area” which is “hard to find” as well in Indonesia :(

    Dina @

  5. Leah says

    Great info, thanks for posting. We are moving to Jakarta soon so this will be helpful for our two year old son.

    • says

      You’re welcome! There are many more indoor playground in Jakarta. There is also an outdoor playground called “Play Ground” in Kemang, South Jakarta. I haven’t written about it yet.

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