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shirt: H&M pants: OLD NAVY belt: COMME ÇA ISM

I recently started my styling journal. I really enjoy it especially the feedbacks I get (thank you!!), but the challenge I have is taking photography of myself. I have asked both of my girls, 5-year-old and 2-year-old to take my photos. It’s like pulling my teeth. First of all, my 5-year-old is not available in the morning as she goes to school. Second of all, their concentration simply does not last. When I ask them to take photos, it’s not a complete free style all the way which makes it hard for them probably. It’s not like I’m asking something difficult. Sometimes they are not in the mood. Sometimes they don’t get it. All I am asking them is to take photos that “I’m in”. I’m serious. They have taken so many pictures of the floor in front of my feet, background above my head or the wall next to me.

So, the pictures above were taken by my camera using the self-timer. When I was taking my own photos, I was saying to myself in my head “Gosh, this is so silly and I must look ridiculous.”

Below shows what happened when I asked my 2-year-old to take my photos this morning.
dress: Target

Oh well. What can I do? If you have any suggestions (not hiring a photographer, please, since I can’t afford it!), I’d love to hear.


sandals: Target

My daughter loves these sandals. My first child loved and wore them 4 years ago and then now my second child wears them. They both loved them. I found them at Target 4 years ago and I regret that I did not pick up a pair of these for every single size available. I actually hid the pair of these sandals (didn’t have the guts to throw them out) and my second child found them this morning!! How did she do that?


  1. Kyra says

    just noticed the cute pink j.crew shirt of Y’s is on sale over at j.crew. Not sure if you want to pick it up in bigger sizes. It’s so cute!

  2. says

    Hi kaho,
    I have never done such thing but I would suggest you get a tripod and use the timer of your camera (as you did). And have fun! It sounds daunting but after all nobody is watching you, so take poses and enjoy :)
    Have a look at this blog: The author is taking all shoots (otherwise stated) by herself and as you will see she doesn’t limit her creativity! great inspiration!

    Have a great day!

    PS: let me know when you have done your inspiration board, I want to see it!
    PPS: Have you changed the font of the blog title? I kind of liked the previous one 😉

    • says

      Marie, thanks for the comment! I have been thinking about getting a tripod. I think I have to get one for sure. Thanks for your suggestion! I think sometimes I need someone to push me a bit. Cherry Blossom Girl is very inspiring. I have seen her posts and she’s married half Japanese husband, I believe. I like her blog a lot. I had no idea that she took her photos herself. Thanks for telling me that!! Ah, inspiration board. I need to get to it! Thanks for reminding me! I did change the font for the blog title. You liked the previous? I might eventually go back to that one then. I wanted to explore a little and see what fits well with the style of my blog.

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