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There is a magazine called Mart in Japan. It’s a magazine about knickknacks, recipes, party ideas and fashion for women. It seems to especially target those who are with young children and stay home. What is very unique about this magazine is that it is created by collaborating with their readers. The recipes are original of readers and party ideas and goods they use are the ones the readers actually have at home and use. It voices what stay-at-home moms are interested in doing and buying. I have some Japanese friends who reside in the States and use this magazine to find out what their friends would be interested in having as souvenirs from the States. The magazine actually has a lot of very practical and useful information and fresh and creative ideas that all came from the readers. It is interesting to see that readers being a big part of production of this magazine. Is there any magazines out there that is similar to this?

I worked with Mart twice in the past and submitted my recommendation of stores in Virginia once and another time in Jakarta. The most recent submission which I did about stores in Jakarta was published on the December issue and it has been at stores since the end of November. It is a tiny section of Mart, so nothing major. The section is called “Current information from Mrs. Foreign Correspondents. This is hot right now” and it is at the beginning of the magazine. The new January issue just got out to stores, so the December issue will be put in the back if there was any left at book stores.

I introduced the following stores.
Pantry Magic
The Harvest

I have posted about the above stores on my blog as well, so you might recognize them. It’s not easy to put a lot of information in a small section, but the editor does a great job arranging and I’m always impressed with the captions and wording she comes up with. You can see a bit of the actual article here.


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    It’s always healthy to update your local mags/news about your expat ventures and recommendations. I’m sure it’ll benefit manyy Japanese expats out there :)
    Keep up the effort!

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    how exciting Kaho. You know at the beginning of your post, I was looking at the magazine images and I was thinking, hmmm that looks alot like Kaho then I continued reading and it was YOU! I think it’s great that they featured your posts. you should submit more especially since you say the target audience is for SAHM. I’m trying to think of magazines with the similar idea but I can’t come up with any!

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    How exciting to see your submission published!! I would be over the moon :) It sounds like a fantastic magazine, exactly the type I would love to buy as it has topics that appeal to me.

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