Lyon Village Park

Arlington City in Northern Virginia has numerous wonderful parks where not only do children love to go but parents enjoy taking their kids. Lyon Village Park is one of them. It is also known as a “spray park”. For parents with multiple young children, spray park is so much easier and less stressful to take their children to than a swimming pool. It’s also nice that kids can go back and forth between the regular play ground and the spray area.

When I first went to this park, I thought that this park looked like one I would see in Europe. I love the carved iron gate and the modern style play structures. The whole park is gated, which is another nice thing about the park especially for the parents with small children who tend to run off to wherever their interests take them.

We went to this park this past Sunday evening. The weather was so gorgeous that we had to go out and do something. Our second daughter hadn’t taken a nap till that point, and sure enough she fell asleep during the short drive to the park. She ended up sleeping more than half of the time we spent there on the stroller.

We woke up our younger daughter as we figured that we would be in trouble if she wakes up on her own as we are leaving the park. That will upset her so much. As soon as she got out of the stroller, she went straight to her favorite, a swing, and hang out on a swing for a while with her daddy and then went to a sand box. I don’t remember how long she had got to play, but the clock struck 5:00 p.m. and it was the time for us to go home and start making dinner. As you can see from the photos below, it wasn’t a happy scene. I would be crying, too, if I were you! I was so glad my husband was there because he’s much better about dealing with our kids’ tantrum than I am. Our kids seem to listen to him better than they do to me.

It feels as if spring has already passed a baton to summer, but the fickle climate reminds me that it is still spring. The weather has made me a happy camper.

After I hit a certain age, I stopped going to a park. Now I am revisiting my childhood through my kids. In Japan, its birth rate keeps shrinking. If parks start disappearing from a community, there is nothing sadder than that for the society. For stay-at-home moms, parks are a valuable daily socializing venue. We have to take care of our parks…



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