Friday Finds ☆ Luna Negra Italian Restaurant ルナネグラ イタリアレストラン

Our friend took us to have some pizzas at Luna Negra Italian Restaurant in Jakarta last Sunday. It was the first time for me and my family to go to Luna Negra in an office building called, Plaza Bapindo on Sudirman in Jakarta. I knew I would fall in love with Luna Negra as we walked into the restaurant from the building hallway. The chic modern decor with dim lights, high ceiling and large windows, and the acid jazz music in the background already got me excited to have some pizzas at Luna Negra.

The pizzas were so far my favorite pizzas I’ve had in Jakarta. Price wise, it’s about the average or I would say reasonable in Jakarta dining scene for expats. In terms of the restaurant location, it is centrally located in Jakarta, which makes it convenient for a lot of people. Luna Negra would be a great place for a date night or even girls night out as well. I imagine that during the week there are many business people going to Luna Negra as it is inside an office building in the Golden Triangle of Jakarta. I saw private rooms enclosed by glass walls where you can have business lunch or dinner or family gathering. My husband and I have taken our 6-year-old and 3-year-old daughters on a Sunday night and we felt comfortable though. A very nice thing about Jakarta is that people are very friendly to children.

I highly recommend Luna Negra to any people who love to dine at an Italian restaurant and if you like pizzas, Italian style or New York style, you’ll love Luna Negra. Happy Friday!

先週の日曜日に友人に連れられ、ジャカルタのルナ・ネグラ(Luna Negraはスペイン語で「黒い月」)というイタリアレストランへピザを食べに行ってきました。スーディルマンというジャカルタの大通りに面したプラザ・バッピンドーというオフィスビルの中にあるLuna Negraへ行くのは、私にとっても夫にとっても初めてでした。Luna Negraの入り口を入る時から、このレストランがとても気に入ると直感しました。素敵なインテリアに薄暗い照明、高い天井に、大きな窓、そして流れてくるアシッド・ジャズを聴いているだけで、このレストランでピザが食べられる事にわくわくしてきました。

ピザ自体とても美味しく、私にとってはジャカルタで味わったピザの中では一番美味しかったです。値段に関しては、外国人を対象としたレストランの中では、平均的で、高くない値段と感じました。立地条件もよく、ジャカルタの中心街に位置しているので、とてもアクセスしやすいと思います。Luna Negraは、デートや女友達との外食などにもとても合うレストランだと思います。ジャカルタのゴールデン・トライアングルと呼ばれるオフィス街に位置しているため、月曜日から金曜日はビジネス関係の昼食や夕食に来るお客が多いのではと思います。ビジネスミーティングや、家族の食事会などもできそうなガラスに囲まれた個室もありました。夫と私は6歳と3歳になる娘2人、友人も同じ位の年齢の子供を連れていましたが、とても居心地が良かったですよ。ジャカルタに来て嬉しいのは、皆さんとても子供好きで親切な事ですね。

イタリアスタイルのピザが好きな人、ニューヨークスタイルのピザが好きな人にも、Luna Negraのピザはお勧めです。是非お試しあれ!

Luna Negra
Plaza Bapindo
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman,
Central Jakarta

For Reservation

TEL: +62 21 299 500 77
FAX: +62 21 299 500 78
HP: +62 8169 500 77
BB PIN: 23B83D4C

Location of Luna Negra on Google Map
Plaza Bapindo is where A is. Luna Negra is on the first floor and the entrance to the restaurant is on the side of the building closer to Jalan Sudirman.

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  1. says

    Kaho, I love the ambiance of the Luna Negra. Jakarta has so many nice resto and hang out place to go. If you ever visit KL please drop me a message, I would love to bring you around for good food and nice ambiance :)

    • says

      Thanks, Fenny! I might take you up on the offer! I would love to come visit KL some day! Good food and nice ambiance are what make me happy. :)

  2. Amory Sotto-Busalla says

    I can’t believe I haven’t been to Luna Negra, my place is very near Sudirman! Another “to-do” on my list. Thanks Kaho!!!

    • says

      I would love to know what you think of the restaurant! I hear that the tapas is also great, so try and be adventurous there!

  3. says

    Looks good :-)
    I always wish my own dining room looks as gorgeous as restaurants like these! That would be breath taking to have gorgeous dining room like this, don’t you think? But I don’t want to buy things I may get tired of either, so at this point my dining room is still pretty much empty! I’ll try collecting stuff along the way and maybe in 30 years I’ll have a dining room as stunning as a restaurant 😉

    • says

      You’ll find something that you’ll fall in love with! No worries! You have handful of stuff going on, so the dining room can wait. :)

  4. prisilia says

    I love Luna Negra and I knew you would like it too :)
    I went home last week and I managed to go to Seribu Rasa with my family to celebrate my birthday and I went to Luna Negra for a drinks with my friends. So happy to be able to go to your favourite places with your favourite people, don’t you think?
    I haven’t triend the pizza though, but I love their tapas & the wide selection of wines … I should try the pizza for my next trip :)
    Kaho, if you and the family love pizza, maybe you should try Pizza e Birra at Plaza Indonesia extension, they have various kinds of pizza. My friends and I have been loving their wasabi pizza or something (I forget the name though). You should try!! And maybe, try Sour Sally froyo for something sweet. Sour Sally is a local brand and we’re proud of it! :)
    Thanks again for your blog, Kaho … It really really made my day to read and see pictures of my favourite places in Jakarta through your blog. Thanks!!

    • says

      Glad I managed to find the places you like!!! I’m sure there are many more places that I don’t know! Jakarta is truly a gem in terms of restaurants. I’ll check out Pizza e Birra. I’ve seen it before and the decor is pretty cool. I love Sour Sally! I have a few pictures of Sour Sally here under the post “Konnichiwa Jakarta”. Thank YOU for visiting and even leaving me such sweet comments on my blog. Thanks to my precious readers I’m always encouraged and motivated. I feel much love and I cannot thank you all enough for the support.

  5. says

    I am so happy to stumble upon your blog…! I used to live in Jakarta for half of my life but I am amazed by all the things that I don’t know about this country just by browsing through your site ;). I’ll spend a few weeks of summer in Jakarta so I find your ‘findings’, especially the restaurant findings very useful :D)! I just read your post about Harry Darsono’s Museum and I’d love to visit it, do I have to make an appointment to do so? Thanks in advance for your response :)!

    • says

      Thanks, Cooking Gallery!! You used to live in Jakarta! Yay! I’m glad to hear that you were able to find things you didn’t know! I’m flattered. Yes. You’ll have to make an appointment. I went with an Indonesian Heritage Society group, so I didn’t do the booking myself and that was easy for me… :) I found the museum information on the Harry Darsono Museum on Jakarta Post website.

      Museum Harry Darsono, Jl. Cilandak Tengah 1/71, South Jakarta. Viewings by appointment (tel. 7668553)

      Have a great time in Jakarta this summer!

  6. says

    Kaho, absolutely gorgeous pictures. Feels like I am repeating the same comments everytime I visit. BUT it is true!!! You took the most amazing pictures that capture the ambiance so very well!

    And this one is a dark space, no? I can’t ever get the pics right on this kind of lighting. You have magic hands!

    • says

      Thank you so much for such sweet words. You’re very sweet. It was a dark place. I usually place my camera on a chair or table to stable them. If not, I put my hand on a wall or something stable to avoid shaking. It helps some. :)

  7. says

    This restaurant is located next to where I work!! but I have not even tried yet.Thanks for your reference kaho.I will try it soon.


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