Wednesday Wall2Wall ☆ Livingetc Indonesia Photo Shoot Behind The Scene

I had a pleasure working with a Livingetc Indonesia’s editor, Atri, and a photographer, Vicky Tanzil for a photo shoot at KOI Kemang for a section in the October 2011 issue of Livingetc Indonesia. The theme was entertaining at home. You can take a look at their sneak peek on the Livingetc Indonesia’s facebook page. I’m a big fan of Livingetc Indonesia and I love looking at their colorful pages with eye candies of interior design.

Atri found my blog, learned that I love interior design and we had a photo shoot of my house back in May this year. I was on cloud nine as you can imagine. This time, I worked with Atri to be a stylist for the photo shoot at KOI Kemang. I love the sound of it. Stylist. I’m not even close to be able to call myself as “stylist”, but I enjoyed the every moment of the styling experience working with Atri.

Atri is a cool and talented gal working as an editor for Livingetc Indonesia. I found out that she and the photographer, Vicky, were 10 years younger than myself. A decade! I’m a stay-at-home mom and these young Indonesians have already established themselves in their career. You see a ton (not exaggerating) of talented young Indonesians such as fashion designers, store owners, restaurant managers, entrepreneurs, etc. in Jakarta who are the source of energy and creative source of this country. It’s quite mind-blowing. I’m not saying I’m envious of their circumstances or what they have. I know how fortunate I am and I am grateful for my circumstance to stay home to take care of my young children thanks to my lovely husband. When I look back 10 years ago though, I was nowhere near knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I’m learning so much by living in this city.

P.S. The origami cranes are my little idea and a trace of me.





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  1. says

    this looks so amazing, such an inspiring place.
    thanks for sharing these photos.
    what did you do? did you help decorate the spaces?
    wil have a look at your house too now 😉

  2. says

    Love your style and especially the crane origami touch. Well done. And I am proud that many young talented Indonesian are more expressive and follow their passion these days.


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