Linvilla Orchards, Pennsylvania

We went to visit our friends in Pennsylvania this weekend. We had a blast. The main reason for the trip up to Pennsylvania was for my husband and his guy friends to watch the Team USA play a friendly soccer match against Turkey’s national team. Some of us drove from the DC metro area and some friends of ours even flew in from overseas to watch the game and spend the weekend with their family and friends. For this weekend, 8 adults and 5 kids spent a night at our friends’ house. It was a big sleep-over.

On Saturday, the day of the soccer match, while the boys went to the game in the afternoon, the girls took the kids to a play ground at Linvilla Oarchards. I have never been to such a cute playground. All the playground structures were made of wood as seen in the photos. Kids ran around hopping from one structure to another. My girls loved it. The weather forecast showed that it would rain in the afternoon in the area, but luckily we just got sprinkled a bit and that was it.

After we ran around for about an hour or so, we went to the farm market and bought some snacks for the kids. They were hungry and thirsty. The market right by the playground sold many home-made goods and the bakery had some good looking pastries. It was close to dinner time, so I bought some light snacks for my girls to share with their friends. I was very unprepared as I completely forgot to bring some water for my kids and myself. I bought a bottle of water and my kids drank it as if it was some kind of juice. Now it’s getting warmer everyday that I have to be very careful not to forget at least water for my kids!

We did a lot over the weekend. There was a birthday party for our friend on Saturday night. The birthday girl, J, and her husband, B, my husband’s friend from college, hosted us over this weekend. On Sunday we went fishing and that night B cooked delicious fish for dinner. Our hosts, B & J, also celebrated their 6th year wedding anniversary on Sunday, the day after J’s birthday. We felt honored to spend the special weekend with them.

We drove home from PA this morning. My body felt exhausted from the weekend trip, but we would’ve not traded this long 3-day weekend with anything else. We took a family nap this afternoon on Memorial Day. After the fun memorable weekend, the reality hits us hard as expected. We have a bunch of chores and things we need to take care of before the move. It’s fine. You can’t buy fun memories. You just do what you have to do sometimes. I hope your weekend was nice!


  1. says

    How funny – we were staying in PA near Linvilla Orchards this weekend too. Drove past it and saw many folks there. Check out my blog! We will be in DC presenting Chameleon – the experience of global citizens through the arts in July. I hope you and your family can make it!

    (fyi – I found your blog via Expat Women blog site)

  2. Uncle D (Matt S' Daddy) says

    Awesome – it was great to see you guys.

    I posted a video of your kids playing at P’s house. Check it out:

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